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Countertops are an essential item when it comes to indoor surfaces, especially in the kitchen. However, they are a big commitment to make and require a substantial investment. Not to mention, countertops hold an unmistakable charm to them as they add beauty and a much-needed touch of glamour to your indoor spaces. So what countertop should one choose? Granite, Quartz, or some other? What are the pros and cons of these countertops?

The questions and confusions are endless, but with our brief guide, you are bound to get answers to at least some of your queries.

Without further ado, let us explore the pros and cons of quartz countertops.

Benefits Quartz Offers

  1. We have curated the most accurate and reliable list of pros that you can expect from a quartz countertop.
  2. Quartz countertops are as strong as any other. They are sturdy and resilient against most stains and damages.
    Moreover, quartz has the additional benefit of being flexible, which allows quartz to be easier to cut and saves your countertops from chips and cracks.
  3. The leading cause of concern for most people is countertop staining. With quartz countertops, you can say goodbye to your stains and stress as quartz is stain-resistant and needs no more than a wet wipe to eliminate any stain.
  4. While aesthetics and ideas of beauty are subjective, quartz offers a more premium look and is considered a more visually appealing option as compared to granite and limestone.

Limitations With Quartz Countertops

You must be thinking quartz is too good to be true! Let us correct you. It is as good and as true; however, there are some cons of quartz countertops that we will share, so you are fully informed before making the big decision.

  1. While quartz is extremely durable, it cannot be considered indestructible. A heavy object can be all it takes to cause a crack in your quartz countertop and your dreams.
  2. Quartz is an ideal choice for indoors; however, it is a visual nightmare if you install a quartz countertop outside. Exposure to direct sunlight or strong UV rays can cause discolouration of the quartz countertop.
  3. While quartz is a great long-term investment, quartz is relatively more expensive than other countertops per slab.


Quartz is a valuable addition that increases the aesthetic and monetary value of your home.
To make your house feel more luxurious and captivating, consult professional countertop installers such as StoneSpiritinc.com and kickstart your journey to a better lifestyle.

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