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Choosing the Right Countertop Material

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So many countertop materials could be installed; therefore, choosing a suitable one can spell trouble. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which countertop to choose

Factors to consider


Take into account the level of usage they would have to endure and choose a material that withstands wear. Granite and quartz are exceptionally durable, denouncing scratches, stains, and heat burning, thus factoring it to be best for busy kitchens.


The type of maintenance required by some countertop materials is much higher compared with others. On the other hand, natural stone countertops such as granite and marble need sealing every so often, whereas quartz and other engineered materials are maintenance-free.

Design Aesthetic

Look at the holistic design of your space, and opt for a countertop material that is consistent with it. Granite and marble countertops made of natural stone can bring warmth and hominess to traditional rustic settings, while quartz offers a commercial modern feel.


Naturally, budget is also critical in the case of the choice process regarding countertops. Although some natural stone countertops may be slightly pricier than engineered ones, the initial outlay may not necessarily harm an individual’s finances since it lasts longer and is easier to sell. You need to balance the desired countertop materials and your budget, consequently finding what is right within one’s means.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Countertop

To help you navigate the process of selecting countertops, here are some tips from the experts at Stone Spirit INC: 

  • This is not unbecoming of him, for he can defend his positions only because the words possible contenders against which arguments have to be mastered by anybody putting forward a claim are limited.
  • See with your very eyes the huge variety of stones available in our showroom.
  • If you are defining the space and its purpose, carefully consider what material would be most appropriate for installation in such a place, depending on how it will serve people.
  • Evaluate the maintenance alternative and pick a material that suits your perspective.
  • Work with our designers and create a unique countertop offering that would fit your space perfectly.
  • Go ahead and mix materials for a boutique effect.
  • Pay careful attention to the edge profiles, as well as the occasional backsplash option mentioned, in order to finalize this design.

The Stone Spirit Difference

Quality has always been our priority at Stone Spirit INC since we provide top-quality craftsmanship and customer service. Our professionals are ready to aid you in designing your dream kitchen or bathroom.

Starting with our wide array of only the finest quality stones, we strive to meet every need – from custom design services through precise fabrication and installation. We are aware that each project has its distinctive nature and, therefore, supports our clients in a manner that is specific to their needs.

As a reliable countertop provider based in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding Central region of this state, we have an excellent reputation. By continuing to focus on quality and inspired design, we have gained the confidence of countless homeowners and industry professionals.

Increase your space with Stone Spirit Inc.

Save time and energy by relying on Stone Spirit Inc. for countertops. If you are ready to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, call today! If you find yourself overwhelmed by endless possibilities inherent in natural stone or engineered countertops or simply want to get advice on the best option that suits your needs, our team of specialists is at your service.

Throughout the process, starting from the initial consultation and up until the final set-up, we will take you through it step by step and advise you to always make sure that we provide only professional services. Let us assist you in crafting an impressive new image for your home with countertops suited to fit both style and need.

Don’t settle for anything but the best. People in Orlando and the surrounding areas should opt for Stone Spirit INC to meet all countertop requirements. Reach out to us now if you would like your vision realized in a consultation.

Why Choose Stone Spirit?

In terms of the selection of countertop providers in Orlando, FL, there are several providers, but when it comes to one that tops the competition, none is other than Stone Spirit INC. Here are just a few reasons why we’re the top choice for homeowners and industry professionals alike: So, by the time we get to an installer, using them is much easier and more convenient in this way than getting a product wholly made of wood, which requires dismantling before installation.

  • A wide variety of high-grade natural stone and engineered countertops.
  • Design options with sleek custom design capabilities to bring your needed Project’s specification vision into existence.
  • The fabrication and installation are made right by professionals.
  • Your Best Customer Service and Individualized Assistance.
  • Dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and the fact that all projects are expected to be of a high standard.

Start Your Countertop Process as a New Project

Are you just about to embark on a kitchen or bathroom countertop replacement? Should you wish to pay a visit to Stone Spirit INC, call us today for a consultation. The experts in our team will collaborate with you to construct, manufacture, and put up the appropriate countertops that offer an ideal fit for your spatial needs.

Stop waiting for the transformation of your home. Come to our showroom for a large selection of natural stone as well as engineered countertop solutions; let us assist you in creating the ultimate custom design, which is something beyond your expectations.

When we talk about sourcing attentive customer service at Stone Spirit INC, rest assured that exceptional quality, as well as craftsmanship, is also factored in. Rest assured, we will give your countertop project the care and attention it deserves. If you want countertops, call us today for more reasons why we are the best in Orlando and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that selecting the correct countertop for your home may seem to be a rather daunting process. Therefore, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked queries below in an attempt to make this decision easier.

What do I need to know as far as taking good care of my countertop is concerned?

Proper care and maintenance are required to maintain the appearance of your countertop. While the specific care instructions may vary depending on the material, here are some general guidelines: It stands to reason that.

  • Immediately wipe up spills to avoid staining.
  • Routinely wash it with a mild soap and water.
  • Use mild chemicals and gentle cleaners.
  • Reseal natural stone countertops whenever the protective coat matrix is soft, and it may pull out trowel marks.
  • Trivets or hot pads should be used to protect your countertops from scorching.

How long does the whole installation process last?

The installation process may change depending on the size and complexity level of your project. Nevertheless, our staff at Stone Spirit INC aims to disrupt your routine as little as possible. We’ll give you a detailed timeline and keep up with all the stages.

What are the factors that I should take into account when selecting Countertop materials?

Considerations that have to be made when choosing the material for countertops include durability, maintenance needs, design aspects, and cost. Our specialists will take you through the process of selection, and that is why they’ll help you make a decision on what material best suits your choice. Contact one of the best countertop companies in Orlando

Do you provide warranties on your countertops?

Yes, all countertop products and installations are provided with warranties. Our team will also elaborate on the warranty cover and guarantee you peace with your investment.

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Stone Spirit Inc. has over 19 years of experience in the fabrication and installation of countertops. It has been one of the top professional companies providing quality services in the installation of granite, quartz, and marble countertops. Stone Spirit is utilizing the latest technology in the industry and it provides the best quality results!