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Stunning Quartzite Countertops for Your Orlando Home or Business

quartzite countertops Here is a step-by-step guide to quartzite countertop purchasing in Orlando from Stones Spirit INC, one of Central Florida’s suppliers. We will discuss all the aspects of granite, from the natural features of quartzite to the fashion styles and patterns that our Kingston inventory will release in 2024. Do you happen to be one of those homeowners living in the Orlando area who are looking to replace their bathroom or kitchen with something more updated, or are you a contractor who is finding the perfect countertops for your commercial property in this city? Stone Spirits has just what you need. Switch out that old galley sink for a more stylish one, or consider professional fabrication services! The paragraph is not completed yet. Read on to discover what it is about quartzite that makes this type of stone the hottest countertop trend among Orlando area homeowners as well as business owners today.

What Is Quartzite?

First, quartz rock is initially a sandstone that experiences tremendous heat and pressure within the Earth and stays there for a very long period, especially hundreds or thousands of years, and consequently is metamorphosed into a hard and tough metamorphosized rock known as quartzite. The slabs of quartzite we fabricated and installed were blindingly colorful, and in most of them, there was distinct patterning and veining that made every countertop a one-of-a-kind piece. The unique quartzite possesses depth and features that can not be found in natural stones and man-made materials. The smooth white backgrounds with lovely gray veining and shading may be found in high-quality quartzite. Also, the most exquisite slabs with bursts of orange, green, and gold color shining radiating undisturbed from within a block of stone give the quartzite an unmatched beauty. The ambiance of the lamp is created by tempting the contrast of light and dark hues, and it is a classic piece that is designed to go with any home or office interior color scheme. When appropriately sealed, quartzite combines with doing the job result of years, even in busy kitchens.

Most Popular Quartzite Countertop Styles

Taj Mahal Quartzite

The most sought-after quartzite on the market presents itself in the form of the Taj Mahal with a creamy base or very unnoticeable grays highlighted by veins in gray, gold, brown, and green. The mere fact that the Taj Mahal boasts a neutral palette(the color scheme) rather blends perfectly with color cabinetry to create an interesting and contrasting look in a kitchen as the island surface. The light and wiry qualities invoke the senses, while the translucent quality and the interplay of light and dark accents capture the escapade in zen-like bathroom vanity tops.

Azul Macaubas

Quartzite this bright-colored azure-gray cornered kitchen sets apart this superior-grade quartzite stone from the rest. The hues of soft beige go along with the impression of blue that has a stroke of dark veins, finishing off the overall look with depth and dimension. The azul macaubas quartzite’s multipurpose nature gives it a ‘high brow’ prominent position among more conservative designs.

Audacia Quartzite

A line of two-toned colors mix in colorless spaces where vivid fiery orange and red hues are interlaced in such a way that their final designs are full of energy. The widest thing is the areas of richness that boost current designs, while the base that is neutral adapts well to the chosen color schemes. Broad, rich, brown veins of varying wideness and shade combine with sheets of translucent whites and grays to create, after they are sawn, the unique style of the slab.

 Why Choose Quartzite for Your Orlando Countertops

Resistance and Toughness Quartzite holds its own with a hardness of 7-8 on the Mohs scale, rendering it hardly in any way scratchable, chip-free, and breakable when compared to white granite. Because of the very compact composites of quartz crystals in the mixture of sparkly minerals, quartzites have extreme resistance to daily heavy wearing, maintaining the polished and shiny sheen even for several years without any resealing. Quartzite can stand out well in family house kitchens and busy lobby receptions in commercial units.

Heat Resistance

Unlike some kinds of stones, quartzite does not catch fire either on the irony or hot objects straight off the stove. It helps reduce thermal impact by keeping warm air inside, and also, being non-recyclable is an assured product.

Stain Resistance

Its definiteness of crystal network structure can’t be penetrated by standard household chemicals and widely encountered food and drink discolorations when they are treated immediately. An annual reapplying of sealant in the range of 1-2 years is advisable for the coat to continue doing its job well, with particularly important areas being the heavily used ones.

One-of-a-Kind Beauty

In all, a countertop with quartzite slabs would never take the same pattern, just as no two people have a similar look. Therefore, the new countertop will have a unique place in your world. Stones with mesmerizing displays of colors and accents in each should be chosen since the spaces will be surprisingly visually stimulating compared to how they were on Day 1 of the installation.

Quartzite vs. Granite, Marble, and Quartz Countertops

How does quartzite compare to granite? Quartzite is very resilient for use in kitchens and baths, but its crystalline structure makes it marginally tougher than most granite varieties. Both stones possess unmatchable natural beauty, but quartzite patterns tend to demonstrate greater fluidity and contrast due to the way the metamorphic process concentrates coloration and veining along soft lines.

Quartzite vs. Marble Countertops

While offering exceptional elegance, marble scratches are easier than quartzite and require more vigilant sealing to resist stains. Most homeowners prefer quartzite’s superior durability and non-porous properties for enduring good looks with minimal maintenance.

Quartzite vs. Engineered Quartz Counters

Engineered quartz blends ground quartz particles with polymers and pigments that together form an attractive, durable surface that lacks quartzite’s heat and scratch resistance. Quartzite’s all-natural composition preserves subtle imperfections that add organic allure to engineered materials that struggle to reproduce convincingly.

Stones Spirit INC Quartzite Countertops Collection

While remembering granite quality, quartzite is also a suitable solution for application in both kitchens and baths due to its nanoscale structure, which has a slight advantage over granite itself. Both stones are very attractive on their own, but quartzite patterns distinctively show more dynamic fluidity and contrast, arising from the fact that metamorphosis and concentration of colors and veinings along soft delineating lines are unique characteristics of quartzite.

Quartzite vs.Marble Countertops

In terms of beauty, marble is much easier to scratch, so installers and owners should do everything possible to protect it. Also, while quartzite is more resistant to staining, regular sealing is required. Almost all homeowners choose to have the workmanship of quartzite, which is superior to others of this kind, for enduring good looks and needs low maintenance.

Quartzite vs.Engineered Quartz Countertops

Synthetic quartz lines up quartz particles coming from grounded quartz with polymeric compounds that result in a captivating surface that, although more resistant to heat and scratches, lacks the value of total content that real quartzite has. The quartzite composition that is natural by birth can be seen to have unintentional imperfections that make it appear alive, contrary to the engineered materials’ inability to do the incredible job of mimicking nature precisely.

Settlement of Natural-stone Slabs at Wholesale Pricing

Feel free to drop by our sophisticated Orlando-area showroom, where you can see a vast collection of mind-boggling quartzite slabsbrought all the way from different ends of the Earth. Stone Spirit keeps strong contacts with the most prominent countertop exporters to ensure it is among the first to discover the latest and rare stone venation slabs as they come to the markets. Homeowners and contractors, the dream-makers of the world, are spaces sure to find the ideal mediums of countertops that meet their creative soul for any residential and commercial setting. From very popular smoothed, duly polished, high-gloss finishes, nowadays, one of the hottest trends is the textural leathered and river-washed quartzite treatments. All of the popular profiles, edges, and special effects can be fabricated to meet the expectations of the client-customers.

Custom Fabrication in Orlando:

The expert craftsmen we have on board, who make use of highly advanced tools, will not only make the slabs you choose to cut, shape, and finish but also contour them to have intricate details if desired. Every operation is being done on-site with our established artisans meeting those of Stones Spirit at maximum quality. As a result, your stone surfaces will impress, not only meet the needs, but also work brilliantly. We fab and install our custom countertop product in the city of Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, and neighboring areas of central Florida.

Professional Installation for Residential & Commercial Properties

We, the stones team, will structure a free-of-charge design consultation, measure the place, manufacture the quartzite countertop, and deliver and install the turnkey. Regarding our larger wholesale jobs, we take all the necessary measures to produce the prefabricated pieces and deliver them to the site on time. Having served the market area for 15 years and delivering amazing job results on all the projects we have worked on, our experienced experts go the extra mile to install countertops correctly and protect floors and walls while not interfering with the other facility activities. Customers will be amazed to know that, time after time, their countertops exceed the already awesome expectations once they are installed and they appear immaculate.

Countertops for Kitchens, Bathrooms & More

Kitchen Countertops

The quartzite easily harmonizes with any cabinet type and color, befitting any kitchen setting. Furthermore, this stone is also very resilient, making it the ideal choice for kitchen countertops. Our staff works with homeowners and designers to make choices that highlight the wide range of specific slab colors and mineral combinations to keep the kitchen countertop as an engaging show point, which is still part of the general décor. The toughest and most beautiful among engineered stones, quartzite holds the ground in rolling, chopping, hot pans, and splattering but is still the centerpiece for the entertaining area.

Bathroom Vanity Tops

Complement your white and serene bathroom style by adding a fiery touch similar to nature’s artwork using quartzite vanity tops with distinctive patterns, glow, and depth. The texture finish, such as hand polish, will do well to prevent the undesirable water damage caused by the wet hands moving around the sink. Quartzite tiles feeling smooth to the fingers is a welcome change against grouted areas of porcelain tiles and glass surrounds of shower and tub.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

By choosing spray applications of quartzite surfaces that could ensure solar resistance, architects can craft showy open-air meal places and wet walls near residential swimming pools and lanais or integrate them into vast backyard oases. Quartzite inhibits changes in temperature, humidity, and UV radiation. The material resists all these circumstances, thus providing all examples of sophistication in everyday life. The open-concept arrangement work bar, griller, cupboards, countertop, and serving wall built of quartzite will withstand rigorous activities but will become ideal hangout points for outdoor parties, holidays, and everyday relaxation. Telephone the discovered design team with Stones Spirit to arrange the meeting with our pro countertop installation company. We are very pleased to help you with slab quartzite selection for your residential or commercial setting. Having spent close to a decade working on the accuracy of project quotations, rendering the process of finding the exact price as efficient as possible while eliminating the guesswork. It’s about me that Stones Spirit Inc. is the right place for you when you are looking for some exceptional natural stone materials, custom fabrication tailored specifically to your needs, or a professional installation team who excel at their job and who respect your home or business. Look into our superb quartzite countertops for a lifetime partner in the central Florida environments, which feature their structure, material, and beauty. If you are looking for quartzite countertops in Orlando, stop by our showroom.


In the last twenty years, Stones Spirit Inc. has served home buyers and builders in the Orlando area and interior designers with exclusive quartzite countertop slabs imported individually from all over the world, exhibiting the unique elegance, professionally fabricated, and fast turnaround time of our services. Discover our serene exhibition area, or feel welcome to contact us online / via phone to uncover ideas that will, in turn, inspire you to choose durable, resilient quartzite, which redefines boundaries and creates kitchens, baths, and commercial spaces that are beyond expectations. With many connections in the industry, we have the privilege of having our orders treated with utmost priority, and that guarantees the world’s finest and the minute, exotic quartz lines directly from leading European luxury designer collections. Are you tired of all those ugly things in your house that are boring and unnatural? Then let our upgrades, which include decorations and motives you love. Request a Free Quote for Your Orlando Quartzite Countertop Project