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Edge Profiles

The edge profile is the shape of the edge that the stone is going to be cut.

While purchasing the countertop, the first big choice is the color and type of material. Once that selection is made, the next step is to decide on the edge profiles. Selecting the right edge profile can completely change the decor of your room. The shape of the countertop will affect the look, cost, and clean-ability. The edge will affect the look and feel of the granite countertop. Edges can be simple or complex with or without curves, sharp or rounded angles. Some standard edges are included in the square-foot or lineal-foot price of the countertop. More decorative or complex edges can be added at an additional cost, which is usually nominal considering the investment you are making in the countertops.

At Stone Spirit, we divide edges into 4 categories:

  • Standard
  • Level 1 Upgrade
  • Level 2 Upgrade
  • Laminated

Standard edges give a clean and simple look.


The most basic countertop edge is the eased edge (some call it a straight edge). It is a squared edge with only a very slight bevel that takes the sharpness from the edges.


Basically, the bevel edge is a 45-degree angle cut along the countertop’s top edge. Beveling softens sharp edges but also makes a strong design statement.

Half Bullnose

Half Bullnose: the top edge is rounded. The bottom is not.

Full Bullnose

Full bullnose converts the edge of the countertop to a perfect half-circle. So, the top and bottom edges are rounded. Therefore, Full Bullnose Edge is a good shape from a safety standpoint.

Level 1 Upgrade

Level 1 upgrade edges are very popular due to its beauty and elegance. Traditional designs use these. It is a great way to enhance the beauty of the stone.

Kitchen designers sometimes use one edge on the kitchen  island and a different edge on the perimeter countertops to accent the island.*

Level 2 Upgrade

Level 2 upgrade edges have more intricate details, typically have more curves, but can vary slightly depending on the complexity. It adds an elegant touch to a more decorative design project.*


But for the truly custom look, we offer laminated edges. They can be the most expensive since they are the most intricate. These edges have two slabs. Together, they are attached or laminated. This causes the granite to appear thicker.  Sometimes two different single edge profiles can be combined, and it can give a very dramatic and carved appearance to the stone. There are many combinations of the laminated edges. These include: Eased over Eased, Demi over Demi, Demi over Eased, 1/4 round over Eased, Half Bullnose over Eased, Large Ogee over Full Bullnose, 1/2 or 3/4 Bevel over Eased, Large Ogee over Eased, Half Bullnose over half Bullnose, Half Bullnose over upside down Half Bullnose, Small Ogee over Small Ogee, Bevel over Bevel, Small Ogee over Half Bullnose*

*Available only for certain materials

There are many styles and options, and it’s a matter of choosing the right one for you and your design style.

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