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All You Need to Know About Orlando Countertops

Are you looking for countertops Orlando offers? Stone Spirit Inc. has earned a reputation as the premier vendor, designer, and installer of natural and engineered stone products for residential and commercial projects in Orlando and Central Florida.

Within around ten years of its formation, Stone Spirit Inc. has become an award-winning player in the market and one of the most respected, fastest-growing companies in the region for countertops in Orlando.

Stone Spirit Inc. achieved it by carefully selecting the best countertops the market can offer and delivering exceptional service in fabrication and installation.

Our portfolio of projects confirms our commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship, precision, and exceptional service. We work closely with homeowners, architects, developers, caterers, and other businesses in Orlando and central Florida.

Transform Your Kitchen With New Countertops in Orlando

Our products include kitchen countertops, vanity tops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, tiles, window sills, treads, granite and marble countertops for office surrounds, bar tops, and other products catering to businesses. These features favorably distinguish Stone Spirit from competitors, making us one of the best countertop fabrication and installation companies.

Stone Spirit is a great choice for those who look for decor solutions involving granite, quartz, engineered stone countertops, and other products in Orlando and Central Florida. Stone Spirit Inc. has provided the best countertops Orlando can offer.

Elevate Your Home With Elegant Countertops 

Transform your kitchen with the countertops in Orlando from Stone Spirit, the premier destination for countertops in Orlando and Central Florida.

Quality & Style Countertops 

Stone Spirit is your ideal partner if you’re looking for impressive new countertops that combine quality and style. Our countertops in Orlando, FL, are crafted with the finest materials that ensure longevity without compromising aesthetics. Whether you desire a modern look or classic charm, their range of options includes various styles guaranteed to suit different preferences.

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6 Best Countertops Orlando Offers

1. Quartz

quartz countertops, quartz countertops orlando

 Quartz is the most durable material. The artificially created stone countertop has a texture that replicates natural stone and is composed of smashed quartz stone blended with plastics and resin. Quartz is more durable for home cleaning products and chemicals than natural stone alternatives since it combines filler materials and natural stone. As a result, the surfaces of your quartz countertops will always seem spotless. It is also bacterial and stain-resistant.

Quartz is twice as impact-resistant as natural stone and is more challenging than both. Quartz is among the most resistant materials in a typical food preparation environment since it is stable at high temperatures.

You may also choose Stone Spirit Company for the best quartz countertop material. They offer a qualified crew to assist you in selecting the perfect countertop color and style. You’ll also obtain good work by employing them because they’ll handle everything. View more quartz countertop ideas

2. Granite

granite countertops orlando

 Granite countertop is also among the most rigid countertop materials. One of the hardest natural stones is granite, developed from the crystallized form of lava. The unique substance will also prevent heat and scratch-resistant natural stones on the market. You may put hot equipment on it without concern because it resists cracking, chipping, and burn scars. Granite instantly will upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom. 

Granite is a solid and unbreakable material, but you must clean it frequently. The cleaning process is not challenging if you do it regularly, so maintenance is also effortless. It is a bit expensive but gives you the most luxurious and stylish look at any place in your home.

You can also hire a professional company for the best granite countertop. They have a professional team to help you select the best color and design for the countertop. By hiring them, you will also get hassle-free work as they will do everything for you.

3. Marble

marble countertops orlando

Marble is an additional natural stone that is best for kitchen surfaces. Each marble countertop will be unique since no two marble sheets are identical.  You can also use the marble to cover the whole area of your kitchen countertop in the bathroom. It is better not to use the marble on the surface of the countertop area where you do baking.

A marble countertop also provides your kitchen with a new look. If you are redesigning your home or want something different, you can use the marble on your countertops. Marble countertops are also heatproof and watertight.

Using marble countertops also increases their worth. So, whenever you are finding the material for the countertops, you must consider marble.

4. Laminate

Laminate countertops

A nonporous acrylic material with many styles and textures is laminate. It is a shapeshifter material that is perfect for those who want to go bonkers with patterns and colors. Laminate never lets you down, whether you choose a whimsical color scheme or a monochrome one. It is a material that is flexible enough to accommodate any design idea.

One of the most affordable solutions is laminate.  It’s the material to use if you want something that is reasonably priced. Although laminate provides numerous benefits, it also has certain drawbacks. It does not perform well in hot temperatures.

5. Tiles Countertop

Tiles Countertops, countertops orlando

Tiles are the most excellent option if you’re searching for something that is not only inexpensive but also adaptable and modern. They make the perfect, hygienic backsplash and countertop material. There are infinite designs and colors for tiles. You may also combine tile designs and colors to create a unique effect. It’s incredible how heat, stains, and cuts don’t damage tiles. It won’t get hurt if you put hot pots and dishes on it.

You can obtain the different designs of the countertop using the titles. They are less expensive and easy to maintain. You can easily clean them after completing your daily chores.

6. Dekton

dekton countertops, dekton countertops orlando

Dekton countertops could be an excellent option if your countertops come in strange forms or if you want a genuinely distinctive kitchen.

Dekton countertops are often cast in states directly in your kitchen due to their considerable weight. These platforms, which may even be polished or stained with acid to give color, are not the same as the sidewalk concrete slabs that are often utilized. 

Dekton countertops are also heat and scratch-resistant. They can give your countertop a unique and classy appearance. You will be able to get the texture and hues for decoration. It would be helpful for you to hire a professional company like Stone Spirit that can help you with the installation of the countertops in Orlando.

There are countless shades and designs of this nonporous material. You can tint your solid surface countertop in whatever color and shape the material into a seamless backsplash or sink basin. You can easily sand off any scratches on the countertop.

Custom Countertop Design

An all-encompassing collection of design solutions and materials will ensure that every request is met. We are always ready to face new challenges and are keeping up with market trends and new technologies. Through years of experience in providing our services, we have managed to develop a robust manufacturing process. We carefully select our staff of designers, estimators and installers.

The list of our satisfied clients continues to grow. Click here to view our reviews. Our clients rely on us for quick turnaround, meticulous installations and competitive pricing. We are continuously working to improve quality and to cater for all our clients’ needs no matter if you want to upgrade an old kitchen to a higher level or create a luxurious space for your business.


There are many options when it comes countertops Orlando offers. 

Hiring a professional company like Stone Spirit will help you select and install the best countertops. As a professional company, we install the countertop safely and also guarantee work.

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