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Countertops are often the missing piece in every household. Their absence makes the house seem lackluster; installing quartz, however, is a tale that tells itself.

Truly quartz countertops add beauty and luxury, bestowing elegance to all surfaces.

Quartz – Natural versus Man-made

Quartz countertops in Winter Garden are one of the hardest and most durable materials. Some people believe quartz is all-natural, while some believe it is all-synthetic. So, what is it? Mainly, quartz is a natural mineral that is combined with some man-made minerals and structures to help strengthen the countertop surfaces and increase quartz’s durability. Professional quartz fabricators like Stone Spirit use the highest concentration of natural quartz with minimal man-made minerals to craft a long-lasting countertop.

Choosing Quartz for Winter Garden

While most minerals can resist heat, only quartz can retain their true colors and shape under great stress. In other words… quartz is unlike any stone! Quartz countertops in Winter Garden can withstand the highest of temperatures – as much as 400 degrees – and still retain their true form.

Quartz Countertop Maintenance

In addition, quartz requires little to no maintenance. It seems like it sounds too good to be true. You have to get used to believing such great things when it comes to quartz countertops.

Not to mention, quartz is non-absorbent. Meaning, the stone can never be stained or inked. In case of any spill, you only need to swipe a cloth over the countertop, and your countertops will be as good as new.


Quartz countertops are a great choice. However, the most difficult phase of quartz countertop installation arises when quartz has to be fitted. Quartz is never a DIY project, nor should one hire an amateur company that can mishandle the countertop and leads to disastrous outcomes.

To install quality quartz countertop Winter Garden, one must hire an experienced company like Stone Spirit who promises to handle your quartz countertop with much-needed care and professional expertise.

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Stone Spirit Inc. has over 19 years of experience in the fabrication and installation of countertops. It has been one of the top professional companies providing quality services in the installation of granite, quartz, and marble countertops. Stone Spirit is utilizing the latest technology in the industry and it provides the best quality results!