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Affordable Granite Countertops in orlando

Affordable Granite Countertops | Comparison to Quartz Countertops and Marble in Orlando, FL

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Welcome to our blog post comparing granite, quartz, and marble countertops for Orlando-area kitchen and bathroom remodels! We’ll provide an overview of each material, compare costs, and help you select the best option for your home improvement project with our local company Stone Spirit Inc. Read on to learn why granite remains a popular choice alongside newer engineered quartz and classic marble. 

Overview of Granite Countertops Orlando in Orlando, FL

Granite countertops bring timeless beauty and value to any Orlando kitchen or bath. As a premier natural stone, granite offers unique colors, patterns, and veining that ensure no two slabs are exactly the same. Granite’s elegance and durability make it a homeowner’s first choice when selecting materials for major remodels in the Central Florida area.

With proper sealing and care, granite countertops can last for decades, outperforming most materials on the market today. Their easy maintenance also appeals to busy Orlando families. Simply clean with soap and water to keep granite surfaces hygienic and shining like new. Granite adds warmth and luxury to any home decor style, from Old World traditional to sleek, modern designs.

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost as Compared To Granite Countertops?

Quartz countertops offer manmade convenience at a cost. While granite remains the gold standard for natural beauty and value, engineered quartz provides uniform colors and patterns with slightly easier maintenance. So, how do costs compare between these popular options?

In the Orlando area, installed granite and quartz countertops generally run $60-$100 per square foot. Quartz starts at around $70 per square foot installed but can easily cost over $120 to install. Though durable, quartz lacks granite’s timeless elegance that increases resale value. Its seams may also be yellow after some years. Still, quartz offers budget-friendly options like granite cannot match.

Ultimately, granite countertops give homeowners the best return on investment. With proper sealing, they easily last decades with minimal upkeep required. Their natural uniqueness adds to the character that manufactured quartz lacks. For beauty, value, and selection, granite remains Orlando’s top choice.


In addition to quartz, homeowners may consider alternative natural stones like marble or quartzite for their Orlando kitchen and bath projects. While no stone matches granite’s optimal blend of aesthetics, practicality, and affordability, these options have unique benefits.

Elegant white marble brings a touch of luxury as an artistic statement piece. However, it stains and etches easily, making marble high-maintenance compared to hardy granite. Thus, marble works best in bathrooms or baking centers rather than heavy-use kitchen countertops.

Harder than marble, quartzite has gained popularity for its granite-like durability and unique natural patterns. However, most quartzite lacks vibrant colors. It also costs more than granite while offering fewer unique options. Overall, quartzite fails to match granite’s endless variety and value.

No other natural stone provides the warmth, durability, selection, and affordability of granite countertops. That’s why, after 20+ years serving Orlando area homeowners, Stones Spirit Inc. stands behind granite as the best choice. Stop by our showroom to compare granite with quartz, marble, and other stones side-by-side.

How To Get the Best Quality Kitchen Countertops in Orlando

As Orlando’s premier granite supplier and installer, customers rely on our expertise to help select the highest quality kitchen countertops for their homes. With hundreds of slabs in our 10,000-square-foot warehouse and showroom, Stones Spirit Inc. offers the area’s largest selection of granite, quartz, and other natural stones.

When choosing materials, look closely at each slab’s color consistency, veining patterns, and overall aesthetic. Be wary of low prices from big box stores, as quality often suffers. Stones Spirit Inc. takes time to inspect every slab for defects before fabrication. This ensures your satisfaction through durable, flawless countertops hand-picked for your kitchen or bath.

With free estimates and in-home consultations, our team brings extensive knowledge to guiding clients through the countertop selection process. Whether you seek classic elegance or modern minimalism, we help match each customer with their perfect slab. Contact us today to transform your kitchen with Orlando’s finest custom granite countertops from Stones Spirit Inc.

Marble Countertops Comparison With Granite Countertops:

As a classic and elegant stone, polished white or gray marble brings timeless beauty to any home. Intricate natural veining patterns make each marble slab unique. While lacking granite’s color diversity, marble makes an attractive statement piece that elevates kitchens and baths from ordinary to extraordinary.

However, marble comes at a cost beyond its higher price tag. As a softer stone, marble easily stains, etches, and cracks under daily use. Acidic foods and cleaners must be avoided, along with abrasives that scratch delicate marble surfaces. Therefore, marble requires diligent maintenance and sealing to retain its lustrous polish.

For most homeowners, hardy and affordable granite makes better sense over high-maintenance marble. Granite resists etching, stains, cracks, and heat damage that can quickly ruin marble countertops. Routine cleaning is all granite needs to stay looking like new for decades. With endless colors to suit any style, granite offers beauty and practicality exceeding marble’s delicate elegance.

Why Choose Granite Countertops Over Other Types:

Given the many countertop options flooding the Orlando market, what makes granite stand above the rest? Granite earns homeowners’ trust through six key advantages:

  • Beauty – Granite’s stunning colors, intricate patterns, and natural variations give each slab an artistic quality that
  • Value – Budget quartz options exist, but higher-end granite costs far less than premium engineered stones. Granite also boosts resale value more than any other material.
  • Selection – With thousands of slabs across every color, Stones Spirit Inc. offers endless options to match any taste or style.
  • Durability – Granite’s extreme hardness and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat make it practically indestructible with proper sealing and care.
  • Low Maintenance – Granite needs little more than soap and water for routine cleaning. Resealing every 1-2 years ensures decades of like-new performance.
  • Experience – Homeowners trust our 20+ years of fabricating and installing granite to deliver Orlando’s finest custom countertops.

For unrivaled artistry, practicality, and enhancement of home values over time, discerning Central Florida homeowners choose granite countertops above all other options on the market today.

Natural Stone Products and Services By Stones Spirit Inc.:

In addition to granite countertops, Stones Spirit Inc. provides complete selection, fabrication, and installation services for:

  • Quartz Countertops – Durable, low-maintenance engineered stone in hundreds of colors and patterns
  • Marble Countertops – Elegant white or gray marble adds timeless beauty to baths and baking centers
  • Soapstone Countertops – Gentle gray stone perfect for kitchen islands and entertaining spaces
  • Quartzite Countertops – Harder and more durable than marble, with a unique natural pattern
  • Natural Stone Tile – Full-range tile supply for kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, floors, and more
  • Bathroom Vanities – Custom-designed granite or marble vanities elevate any bath
  • Fireplace Surrounds – Granite, marble, and quartzite fireplace facades enhance décor

Bring our showroom ideas to life through any residential or commercial project. Stones Spirit Inc. makes high-end natural stone design achievable at competitive pricing.


For homeowners seeking to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms with natural stone countertops, Stones Spirit Inc. provides the Orlando area’s finest fabrication and installation services. Visit our design showroom to view hundreds of slabs across every color and style imaginable. Our experts help match each customer with their perfect countertop.

From precision cutting and fabrications to professional installation, trust our 20+ years of experience to deliver stunning, durable granite, quartz, and marble countertops that enhance your home’s beauty and value for decades to come. Contact us for your free in-home estimate today!


Where to find marble countertops in Orlando?

Yes, Stones Spirit Inc. proudly offers a premium selection of marble slabs to create elegant and timeless countertops that make stunning additions to any Orlando kitchen or bathroom. Visit our showroom to view our marble in person and work with our design experts to create your dream custom marble countertop!

Are you looking to upgrade or re-design Orlando countertops for a home or office this year with affordable granite concepts?

Look no further than Stones Spirit Inc. for the Orlando area’s largest selection of natural stone slabs for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Our knowledgeable staff provides free design consultations and estimates, guiding you through the material selection and installation process. Bring your ideas to life with granite, quartz, or marble countertops fabricated and installed by Orlando’s most trusted industry professionals. Call us today to get started transforming your home in 2024 with unique stone for residential and commercial countertops in Orlando! If you are from Orlando and the central Florida area and looking for many options for Stone countertops in Orlando, We’ve got you covered. Fill out the form to contact Us for guidance about quality materials and a variety of natural stone Kitchen pantries or Quartz and Granite Countertops in Florida. 

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost?

In the Orlando area, installed quartz countertops typically range from $70 to over $120 per square foot. Factors impacting quartz pricing include colors, edge profiles, and integrated sinks/faucets. Though durable, quartz lacks natural stone’s uniqueness and resale value. Granite starts at around $60 per square foot installed, making it a more valuable investment overall. Visit our showroom to see custom quartz, granite, and marble Stone countertop options and compare product samples from leading quartz brands side-by-side.

How much do granite countertops cost in Florida?

Our Stones Spirit Inc. company installs beautiful custom granite countertops across Orlando and the entire Central Florida region. Granite costs $60 to $100 per square foot installed. Granite upgrades like decorative edges, integrated sinks, and precision cutting do add cost but also enhance aesthetics and functionality. Visit our 10,000-square-foot showroom in Orlando to view hundreds of granite slabs up close. Our design experts provide free consultations guiding you to the perfect countertop at the best value. Call today for your free estimate for Stone countertops and engineered kitchen design options with hundreds of stones!

Looking for a fast and accurate countertop estimate? 

Stones Spirit Inc. provides fast and accurate estimates on-site at your home or office. Our consultations review your project specifications, measure your existing space, and develop a quote catered specifically to your budget. As the leading local countertop provider in Orlando for over 20 years, our expertise ensures you get the perfect custom countertop solution with confidence. Contact us today to schedule your free design consultation and estimate for the installation and fabrication process!

Looking for a perfect countertop?

Our vast selection of premium granite, quartz, and marble slabs enables Stones Spirit Inc. to provide each Orlando customer with their ideal custom countertop. Visit our designer showroom to view hundreds of options in every color and style imaginable. We carefully hand-select and inspect each natural stone slab for quality and beauty. Our experts help match homeowners and spaces with countertops that align with their unique tastes, needs, and budget. For your perfect countertop, choose Stones Spirit Inc.

Looking for alternatives to granite, marble, or quartz?

Stones Spirit Inc. provides Orlando homeowners with superb options beyond granite, marble, and quartz:

  • Quartzite – Naturally hard and durable stone with unique patterns
  • Soapstone – Heat-resistant natural stone perfect for cooking spaces
  • Concrete – Modern, industrial look priced lower than natural stone.
  • Laminate – Budget-friendly option for temporary upgrades

Our knowledgeable staff helps narrow your selection during a free design consultation. Visit our showroom to view and compare product samples side-by-side. Whether you seek an affordable temporary solution or a unique permanent upgrade, we have the perfect alternative countertop option for your Orlando home!

What is the downside of granite countertops?

The only potential downside of granite countertops is the need for periodic sealing to prevent stains and etching. However, with proper sealing granite withstands decades of daily use and abuse that would ruin most other materials. The small effort of resealing every 1-2 years is insignificant compared to granite’s endless beauty and longevity. Homeowners agree granite’s pros vastly outweigh this minor maintenance con.

What’s the average cost of granite countertops?

In the Orlando area, installed granite countertops typically range from $60 to $100 per square foot. Basic granite starts at around $60 to install. Unique high-end exotic stones with special coloring and patterns range up to $100 installed. The total cost depends on the slab selected, edge profiles, cutout complexity, and overall project size. Visit our Stones Spirit Inc. showroom to compare pricing across hundreds of granite options.

Which countertops are cheaper: quartz or granite?

While premium designer quartz brands carry higher price tags than exotic high-end granite, quartz can provide budget-friendly options that granite cannot match. Basic quartz starts at around $70 installed per square foot in the Orlando market, compared to the $60 starting price for basic granite. Homeowners seeking an affordable yet durable and low-maintenance countertop may find better value in quartz. However, granite delivers superior investment value in the stone world. Our countertop experts guide clients to the best choice, balancing cost, aesthetics, and practicality needs.

Which is better: quartz or granite?

Granite stands superior to quartz for Orlando homeowners wanting to maximize aesthetics, practicality, and resale value. Natural granite offers artistic, one-of-a-kind beauty that quartz cannot replicate. Granite also costs less than most quartz while adding more value over time. With basic care, granite easily outlasts quartz by many years. While durable, quartz lacks dimension and may warp or yellow near seams. Overall, discerning Central Florida homeowners prefer natural, timeless granite countertops.

Why Choose Granite Countertops Orlando Over Quartz Countertops in Orlando, FL? Upgrading your Orlando, FL kitchen or bath?

For Orlando homeowners remodeling their kitchens and baths, granite and quartz countertops outperform others by offering a rich selection of stone.

  • Unique artistic colors, patterns, and natural veining
  •  Lower cost for comparable quality and appearance
  • Vast design selection through thousands of slabs
  • Extreme durability lasting decades with proper sealing
  • Added resale value unmatched by engineered stones

As local experts working with granite for over 20 years, our Stones Spirit Inc. teams handle your project from material selection through precision fabrication, transportation, and professional installation. Visit our designer showroom to view Orlando’s largest inventory of granite slabs!

Granite Countertop Installation Services Orlando FL?

As Orlando’s premier countertop company for over 20 years, Stones Spirit Inc. provides professional precision fabrication and installation services, delivering the area’s most stunning, durable granite countertops. Visit our 10,000-square-foot designer showroom to select your perfect slab. Our teams handle the entire process from A-Z, transforming your kitchen or bath beautifully and affordably with natural granite. Call us today for your free estimate!

In closing, Stones Spirit Inc. has provided Orlando and Central Florida homeowners with specializing in exquisite granite, quartz, and marble countertops since 2002. Our designer slab showroom displays hundreds of colors and styles to suit any project. From material selection through custom fabrication and professional installation, trust our family-owned company to transform your home or office with natural stone countertops that stand the test of time. Contact us to schedule your free design consultation and estimate today! 

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