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5 Reasons to Buy Quartz Countertops


Choosing quartz countertops for your kitchen and bathroom is a crucial decision that every homeowner, buyer, and interior designer can attest to. With the right countertop, your kitchen or bathroom can be a centerpiece that catches the eye of every visitor as well as the owners themselves whenever they walk in.

Quartz Countertops Vs. Other Materials

The war between different countertop designs and materials has stirred up a lot of commotion in the kitchen for ages now. Many food enthusiasts have had the constant hassle of figuring out the best material for their kitchen countertops. On the other hand, homeowners desire a material that will also make their bathroom countertops a piece of art under all the water drops. For a while now, marble and granite have had the pleasure of raging the market trends for countertops.

However, one cannot merely overlook the intriguing qualities of Quartz countertops that stand out far beyond other materials. Quartz gives homeowners a luxurious feeling in the kitchen as well as the bathroom at amazing and affordable costs. It’s the one piece of material; people tend to ignore, that offers more than what your desire for design wants. If you’re looking to settle for material for your countertops, Stone Spirit Inc, gives you the following\

1. It is extremely durable

Nothing can be as degrading in your kitchen space as spending a fortune on your countertop design only to have them permanently stained or chipped off over time. Granite or marble are mined at quarries. Whereas, quartz is refined and manufactured in industries. The process of creating this material in factories using some of the hardest minerals on the planet and polyester resins gives it a much more durable quality. This makes quartz resistant to scratches and stains of any kind hence a long-lasting investment.

2. Quartz offers an endless variety of designs

Homeowners spend their hard-earned money on countertops. Therefore, they want as many options as possible. Stone Spirit Inc, an elite company, dealing with countertops, offers such opportunities for anyone searching for quartz designs. Quartz is available in many designs and can even mimic the subtle texture of marble and granite materials for countertops. It can be processed into any form and can also give out that natural stone looks as well as feel.

3. It is quite affordable

Quartz is typically among the most budget-friendly material for your countertop. While natural stone like granite might cost you a fortune, quartz gives you durability and stone-like features at quite an affordable price.

4. Low maintenance

Stone materials such as granite tend to be porous. This quality forces them to be sealed when used as countertops, and some may not be able to handle hard cleaning chemicals. Quartz, however, has a non-porous feature and is extremely stain resistant thus tolerant to any condition it is subjected to.

5. It is an eco-friendly alternative

Mining for stone materials is not as environmental-friendly as one would’ve hoped. However, quartz is manufactured in factories. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. If you’re looking to choose from some of the best quartz designs for your countertops, trust Stone Spirit Inc to perfect your efforts. Quartz is nature’s best alternative and solution for countertop material. They offer more than style and beauty. View more ideas for counters 

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