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Countertops Orlando Remodelers Favor

9 Countertops Orlando Remodelers Favor for Kitchen or Bathroom

Homeowners in Orlando looking to remodel their kitchen or bathroom often wonder what the top countertop options favored by local remodelers are. The countertop is a focal point in the kitchen, so choosing the right material and style is important. This list will help you pick the right pro for your next project by exploring the ten best countertops Orlando remodelers recommend for kitchen remodels.

1. Quartz

quartz countertops orlando

Quartz remains the most popular engineered stone countertop recommended by Orlando remodelers for its attractive appearance and extreme durability. Made from crushed quartz and resin, this material is nonporous, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

Stains won’t penetrate the surface, either. With ever-expanding color and pattern options, quartz provides the beauty of natural stone without maintenance. Remodelers favor quartz for busy kitchens since it stands up so well to daily wear and tear. Most quartz selections have antimicrobial properties, too. For 2023, expect quartz to dominate the engineered stone countertop market, especially for Orlando kitchen overhauls. Homeowners rave about its resilient performance paired with modern aesthetics. A wide cost range is available as well. For value, remodelers suggest middle-tier quartz options rather than the most premium selections.

2. Granite

granite countertops

Granite is the second choice by home remodelers for kitchen countertops in Orlando homes. This natural stone is an attractive option appreciated for its durability, variety of colors and patterns, and timeless elegance. Granite’s hardness makes it very scratch and heat-resistant. Orlando remodelers favor granite for its longevity, ability to withstand heavy use, and rich appearance.

Orlando homeowners planning for a 2023 kitchen or bathroom renovation should consider installing new granite countertops for beauty and durability. Reviews of local construction companies show granite is consistently rated as a top countertop material by satisfied homeowners. While granite is more expensive than materials like ceramic tile, many Orlando remodelers view it as a sound investment since it will last for decades with proper care. A mid-range granite slab rather than the most premium stones can help keep renovation costs reasonable. Remodelers recommend visiting a stone yard to view granite slabs in person and get quotes for your specific project.

3. Soapstone

For homeowners looking for a countertop with Old World charm, soapstone is recommended by Orlando remodelers. This natural stone has a timeworn look, feels smooth, and develops a patina over time. The soft gray color provides a relaxed ambiance. Soapstone is praised for being nonporous, so it won’t absorb stains from spills and is easy to clean. Bacteria won’t grow on its surface either.

While soapstone can be scratched or etched by sharp objects, many homeowners enjoy its lived-in look and find scratches blend in over time. Orlando remodelers favor soapstone for kitchens seeking a vintage style. Combining new soapstone countertops with reclaimed wood cabinetry and vintage hardware can create a rustic kitchen with modern amenities. For 2023 renovations, this material remains popular for its unwavering, casual style.

4. Marble

marble countertops

With its elegance and variety of patterns, marble is adored by Orlando homeowners and remodelers alike. This natural stone has distinctive veining that makes each slab unique. Marble’s upscale aesthetic helps create kitchens with timeless beauty. Orlando remodelers recommend marble for upscale kitchen remodels where appearance is a priority. The stone’s low porosity also makes it resistant to most stains. However, marble is softer than granite, so it can be scratched or etched by acids. Careful use of cutting boards is advised. For 2023, marble remains popular for high-end kitchen renovations. While it is one of the more expensive natural stone options, Orlando remodelers view marble as a wise long-term investment since it will maintain its classic beauty for decades to come. Using marble as a kitchen backsplash or on a bar area is a way to enjoy its elegance without the higher cost of full countertops.

5. Porcelain

Porcelain is a ceramic material that offers the look of natural stone but with added durability. Many Orlando homeowners planning kitchen remodels are drawn to porcelain for its stain, scratch, chip, and heat resistance. It also resists buildup from bacteria or mold.

Remodelers favor porcelain for kitchen countertops because it provides the elegant appearance of materials like marble but is virtually maintenance-free. New digital printing technology allows porcelain slabs to emulate patterns found in natural stone convincingly. Even up close, it can be difficult to distinguish from a stone like marble.
For 2023 renovations, expect to see more Orlando kitchens outfitted with durable yet beautiful porcelain countertops. Porcelain is easier to fabricate and install than natural stone, keeping remodeling costs down. With proper sealing, porcelain can look like new for years. Its range of colors and patterns work for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

6. Recycled Glass

For eco-conscious Orlando homeowners, recycled glass has become a popular and visually striking choice recommended by local remodelers. Countertops are fabricated using crushed waste glass and combined with concrete or resin. Not only is this material sustainable, but it also creates a uniquely colorful and shimmery finished product.

The recycled glass aggregate gives these countertops depth and radiance. Remodelers praise this material for its durability and scratch resistance. It also won’t be damaged by heat. Maintenance is easy with just soap and water cleaning. Recycled glass countertops are seamless and nonporous, too. As interest in green building continues in 2023, expect recycled glass to remain a top contender for Orlando kitchen remodels. Homeowners appreciate how it re-purposes waste items into a stunning material that functions effectively as a countertop. It’s an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice beauty or performance.

7. Butcher Block

For a timeless yet practical option, butcher block countertops are often recommended by Orlando remodelers. Butcher block has a traditional look, but the end-grain construction makes it highly durable – perfect for busy kitchens. Made from wood strips fused together, it’s resistant to cracks, warping, and scratches. Oils applied periodically will keep it protected.
Butcher block stands up well to heavy day-to-day use, making it a smart choice for families and avid home cooks. It can be sanded and re-oiled over time for an incredible lifespan. Warm wood tones provide a welcoming ambiance. Remodelers suggest pairing butcher block with white cabinetry for a crisp, classic look.
While it requires a bit more maintenance than materials like quartz, butcher block’s functionality, value, and style continue to make it a go-to countertop recommendation from Orlando remodelers in 2023. Homeowners praise its timeless charm. Butcher block is a budget-friendly option as well.

8. Stainless Steel

For a modern kitchen with an industrial vibe, stainless steel is a durable countertop option suggested by Orlando’s top remodelers. Stain steel’s sleek, polished look provides an upscale, contemporary feel. It’s a versatile neutral that can fit any kitchen style, from modern to traditional. Remodelers praise stainless steel’s hygienic properties and incredible resilience. It won’t chip, stain, or mold and stands up well to heavy impacts. Heat and rust damage are minimal. Regular cleaning is all that’s needed to maintain its shiny appearance. Though stainless steel can develop small scratches, these are hard to notice against the brushed finish.
In 2023, expect stainless steel to continue trending as a go-to countertop for Orlando kitchen overhauls seeking a streamlined, modern look. Combining stainless counters with exposed ductwork, pendant lighting, and sleek appliances will provide an urban loft aesthetic. Remodelers suggest choosing a brushed or satin finish rather than high-gloss for a softer appearance.

9. Concrete

Concrete has become a popular countertop choice recommended by Orlando’s remodeling experts for an edgy, industrial look. Pigments can be added to the concrete for a wide range of color options, from basic gray to bold colors like crimson. Concrete is often polished to a smooth sheen. This material is beloved for its durability and impairment-hiding abilities. Small scratches, stains, and nicks seem to disappear into the variegated surface pattern. Concrete is also heat-resistant and antimicrobial. Orlando remodelers praise its seamless installation and dramatic appearance. While concrete requires re-sealing every 1-2 years, its urban chic style continues to attract Orlando homeowners for 2023 updates. Combining concrete counters with exposed brick backsplashes and stainless steel appliances will nail the industrial look. Remodelers suggest incorporating wood accents and warm paint colors for a softer aesthetic.


When planning a kitchen remodel in Orlando, selecting the right countertop is an important decision that will impact your enjoyment of the space for years. Local remodelers favor durable, low-maintenance materials that provide beauty along with resilience. Popular options like granite, quartz, porcelain, and recycled glass combine attractive aesthetics with rock-solid durability.

Materials like stainless steel or concrete offer a modern, industrial style. Vintage charm can be achieved with butcher block or soapstone. Review multiple material options and get quotes from several contractors before settling on new countertops. Visit Orlando countertop showrooms to see slabs and get a feel for each material. Consider your lifestyle needs and overall kitchen design goals. Investing in timeless, quality countertops will increase your satisfaction and the value of your Orlando home.

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