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What Countertops Can I buy at Lowe's in Orlando

What Countertops Can I buy at Lowe’s in Orlando?

The heart of any kitchen is the countertop. This integral feature can make or break your cooking space’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Over time, countertops become worn, damaged, or need to be updated. Upgrading your countertops is one of the best ways to improve the look and utility of your kitchen.

Lowe’s has many popular countertop materials like granite, quartz, solid surface, Laminate, and tile. Beyond material supply, they also fabricate and professionally install your new countertops. Lowe’s eliminates the hassle of trying to coordinate different vendors and schedules.

Choose Your Countertop Material

Countertops Orlando Remodelers Favor

Lowe’s offers customers various countertop materials, such as granite, quartz solid surface laminate, and tile. For example, quartz and granite are natural stones that can last very long and have different colors, shades, and patterns. Artificial materials like Laminate and solid surfaces cost less while still possessing aesthetic and practical qualities. Tile allows you to achieve a custom look.


Granite is a complex and durable natural stone. It is a scratch, heat, and stain-resistant surface. Granite is available in various colors and patterns, from solid tones to speckled styles.


  • It is very long-lasting and lasts a lifetime.
  • Unique colors and veining of natural beauty.
  • Retains its value for resale


  • More expensive than artificial options
  • Requires periodic sealing


Quartz countertops are manufactured stones processed from quart crystals and resin. It resembles the appearance of natural stone, but it does not have a color and pattern variance. Quartz is rugged, easy to maintain, and resistant to heat/scratch.


  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • It is low-maintenance and does not require frequent sealing.
  • Resists stains, mold, and mildew
  • In various colors and patterns.


  • More costly than Laminate or tile
  • May be susceptible to heat damage

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a formed synthetic acrylic material that can be produced to order the perfect countertop installation. Some of these popular brands are Corian, Avonite, and Formica.


  • Seamless appearance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • When correctly cared for, it is highly durable and resistant to scratches/heat.
  • Affordable compared to natural stone


  • Limited colors and patterns
  • It can be subject to scratches, burns, or dents when misused.
  • Needs periodic sealing


Laminate countertops cost as low as $20 per square foot installed. The laminate surface is easy to clean, does not scratch easily, and repels stains and heat.


  • The most affordable countertop option
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Spectrums of colors, patterns, and visual characteristics.


  • Less hard-wearing and solid surface or stone.
  • Damaged from heavy impact, cuts, or gouges that can easily hit the surface.


You can make your look by blending different sizes, materials, colors, and patterns to create Tile countertops. Durable and affordable are porcelain and ceramic tiles.


  • Highly customizable design
  • Easy to install DIY option
  • Materials such as porcelain are strong and temperature/stain-proof


  • Grout requires regular sealing
  • It does not have a seamless look; grout lines can gather dirt
  • Tile can crack or chip if subjected to heavy impact

Visit your local Orlando Lowe’s countertop department to view sample slabs of each material. The associates can give recommendations based on your budget, cooking needs, and style preferences. This will help narrow down your options.

Discuss Design Options

This is when you can talk about counter edge design, backsplashes, whether a stove will be installed inset or on top, and if any cutouts are needed for sinks and cooktops.

If you have any ideas regarding custom edges or design accents, please share them. Get feedback on what would look best with your cabinetry and the kitchen’s general appearance.

Once you decide which countertops you want to install, you can move on with the process of ordering countertops.

You will get a free estimate. Once you approve the estimate and material, tempting will be scheduled. It takes about 10 business days from the day of the template to the installation of countertops.


  • Your beautiful new countertops are ready for use and pleasure! Please don’t be ashamed to show them to your family and friends.
  • Keep them looking like new by following proper care and maintenance advice from Lowe’s.


The process of replacing countertops in Orlando is made much simpler by Lowe’s, which eliminates the need to coordinate the efforts of different providers and contracts. You can have complete confidence that the completed product will be beautiful and of high quality and that it will be installed correctly by their professionals. 

Stone Spirit works with some Lowes locations. Once you choose the desired countertops at Lowes, a representative from Stone Spirit will contact you to schedule the viewing of the slabs for fabrication and installation. Seize the opportunity to finally have the kitchen or bathroom you have fantasized about by taking advantage of this streamlined approach.

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