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How to Order Granite Countertops in Orlando


If you’re remodeling your Orlando kitchen or bath, upgrading to granite countertops can greatly increase the beauty and value of your home. Granite is a classic, elegant surface ideal for countertops due to its hardness, scratch resistance, and natural stone beauty. As specialists in granite installation throughout Orlando, Stone Spirit has helped hundreds of Orlando and Central Florida area homeowners obtain the perfect granite slabs for their spaces. Follow this guide on how to order spectacular granite countertops for your next Orlando remodeling project with Stone Spirit.

1. Choose Your Slab Style and Color

Choosing the Perfect Countertop Material

View Our Extensive In-Stock Slab Inventory

When you visit Stone Spirit’s showroom, you’ll be greeted with over 300 unique granite slabs. As one of the largest inventories in Orlando, you’re sure to find the perfect colors, patterns, and textures for your project. We source our granite slabs from quarries worldwide, including rare stones from Brazil, India, and Africa. At our indoor facility, you’ll see each slab under ideal lighting conditions to truly appreciate every hue and detail before finalizing your selection.

Granite Color Palettes

Granite color palettes range from light creams and grays to deeper reds, browns, blacks, and exotic blues. Here is an overview of some of the most popular granite color varieties we have available:

  • Whites and Creams: Bright white Carrara marble-look granites and softer beige Tropical Cream colors work beautifully in traditional and contemporary kitchens. Warmer Almond Cream tones also pair nicely with white cabinetry.
  • Tans and Browns: If you love the look of natural wood, consider tan granites like Luna Pearl or Coffee Brown, which resemble polished oak. Riverbed Granite has a multi-colored brown wave pattern for lots of visual interest.
  • Grays: Cool gray granite hues like Steel Gray and Luna Silver lend a refined, sophisticated look. The small speckles show less soiling, too, compared to solid colors.
  • Reds and Blacks: For a bold, eye-catching statement, choose vibrant red or deep black granite countertops with metallic flecks like Galaxy Red and Absolute Black.

Plan a Visit to View Granite Slabs In-Person

Precision Digital Templating

Advanced 3D Laser Scanning

Stone Spirit utilizes a proprietary digital templating system to scan and measure your existing countertops. This advanced scanner sits on a wheeled tripod for portability and is moved along the counters to collect billions of exact data points. As the scanner slowly passes over edges and surfaces, a safe laser light grid maps every minute detail in 3D.

Precision to 1/32 of an Inch

The digital readings collect measurements to a tiny fraction of an inch for precision cutting. Unlike manual tools that can slip or transfer trace lines imperfectly, this 3D scanning calculates exact dimensions to 1/32 of an inch. This extreme accuracy helps avoid miscalculations or human error that could require adjustments during installation. With laser-precise digital templates, your slabs align perfectly the first time.

Mapping Contours and Dimensions

In addition to high-definition 3D modeling of all countertop surfaces, the scanning process also records vital measurements. This includes the depths and lengths of counters, angled corners, curved edges, backsplash contours, and all cutouts for sinks, stoves, or other features. The comprehensive digital map leaves every detail for flawless fabrication.

Seamless Data Transfer to Fabrication

Once the onsite scanning is complete, the 3D templating data uploads seamlessly to our fabrication software. This allows your countertops to be modeled digitally so CNC machines know exactly where to cut your granite slabs. By pairing digital templating with automated fabrication tools, Stone Spirit delivers custom results with ultra-high precision. Trust us for a perfect installation matched to your existing layout.

2. Have Us Template Your Countertops

measure countertops at orlando home

Once you select your granite slabs with Stone Spirit, our installers will measure your existing countertops’ precise dimensions and template your countertop spaces so the slabs can be precision cut at our fabrication facility to fit your kitchen or bath flawlessly. Our templating service and state-of-the-art cutting deliver a perfect custom installation every time.

Expert Measurement of Your Spaces

Precise Sink and Stove Cutout Details

While the 3D laser scanner collects overall dimensions, our installers will still carefully measure existing sinks, cooktops, or other appliances entering your new countertops. We record the exact opening sizes, corner radii, and placement details for seamless integration. If you upgrade appliance brands or styles, we’ll help you choose an appropriate sink or stove model that pairs beautifully with your selected granite.

Mapping Backsplashes and Support Areas

In addition to appliance spaces, we’ll measure backsplash areas that abut walls and dimensioning soffits or support structures. If you want small backsplashes or full-height designs, we’ll capture these in templates for proper fabrication. We’ll also identify ideal bracket locations to provide sturdy support for overhangs as needed. Any special reinforcements are added to the template models.

Designing Edge Profiles and Seams

Our teams have extensive experience aligning seams strategically between slab sections for minimal visible joining. We guide clients on which edge profiles like beveled, ogee, or Dupont adds the most decorative appeal. These precise custom details get incorporated into the 3D model for CNC fabrication. We develop comprehensive templates to install your new tops as an integrated, seamless surface.

Adjusting Cabinetry if Needed

Some cabinet modifications may occasionally be required to support new countertop overhangs or configurations. Our crews have carpentry skills to adjust cabinets by adding wood reinforcements or trim pieces for a perfect finished look. We handle any modifications uncovered during templating to prep your kitchen flawlessly for installations.

3. Countertop Fabrication

countertop fabrication in orlando

Fabrication Shop Cutting

Computer-Guided Waterjet Cutting

We directly import your project’s digital template files into our advanced CNC stone-working machinery at the fabrication facility. This allows the waterjet cutter to follow the modeled dimensions precisely when cutting your selected slabs. The granite is perfectly sliced along all the measured contours with a high-powered water jet to produce smooth, seamless edges. We don’t outsource fabrication because keeping the work in-house results in superior quality control.

Crafting Mounts and Supports

In addition to waterjet cutting your granite into shaped countertops, we also fabricate strong supporting structures. Our teams build sturdy wooden mounting frames, braces, and brackets per each project’s unique specifications. We use moisture-resistant plywood secured with corrosion-resistant fasteners for lifelong durability. Each mounting solution is tailored exactly to your cabinetry and kitchen layout.

Finishing and Polishing by Hand

Once initial waterjet cutting is complete, our skilled technicians perfect seams, profile edges, polish surfaces, and detail all final attributes by hand. We take pride in this hands-on craftsmanship that blends with high-tech machinery to create stunning custom countertops. Our in-depth finishing process refines each project to a brilliant, lustrous sheen ready for flawless installation on your property.

Quality Control and Certified Installers

With end-to-end in-house production, Stone Spirit maintains complete quality oversight on every project. Our veteran installation crews have decades of experience in expert handling and property protection during countertop replacement. Trust us for the highest caliber of digital precision templates paired with skilled granite fabrication and fittings in Orlando homes.

Local State-of-the-Art Fabrication Shop

Tight-Knit Supply Chain for Quality Assurance

We maintain a tightly controlled supply chain where your slabs move from our showroom to our fabricators, located just minutes away in Orlando’s industrial district. Keeping the process in-house allows us to safeguard quality with no outsourcing risks. Our seasoned fabrication technicians have decades of combined experience crafting thousands of local kitchen and bath countertops.

Advanced Digital-Guided Waterjet Cutters

We utilize computer-numerically-controlled waterjet machines for slicing granite with extreme precision. These advanced machines directly import digital template files captured by our installers onsite to guide cutting. High-pressure water cut along the modeled dimensions accurately within a fraction of an inch to fit perfectly. Adjustments in the field are rarely needed with this tech-enhanced fabrication process.

Skilled Hand-Finishing and Detailing

Although our waterjets handle the high-precision major cuts, our technicians still refine each project by hand. We carefully inspect and then manually polish joints, profile edges, and smooth surfaces and execute fine details impossible by machine alone. This craftsmanship blends with high-tech machinery to create exceptional quality-controlled results that surpass national chains on consistency.

Structural Reinforcements Per Application

Each custom countertop requires specialized support solutions and brackets based on your cabinetry, granite weights, and overhang lengths. Our expert fabricators construct sturdy mounting frames with water-resistant woods secured by corrosion-proof hardware. We also fabricate matching decorative support corbels and trim pieces for beautiful finished installations that will last decades.

4. Countertop Installation

How To Install Countertops in Orlando

Seamless Scheduling from Template to Install

Streamlined Project Management

We utilize centralized project management software to schedule and track every job’s progress from the initial template through fabrication to final fittings. This allows us to coordinate all teams and steps for uninterrupted flow with real-time visibility. Our experienced project managers fine-tune fabrication priorities and installer availability to expedite each customer’s order delivery based on their schedule.

Typical Two Week Turnaround

With our closely supervised process, we can deliver most countertop installations approximately two weeks from initial templating, pending slab availability. We understand living through home improvements can be disruptive. That’s why our customers appreciate our ability to swiftly template, craft to precision specifications, and install gorgeous new granite counters to minimize downtime. We strive to make the process as simple and smooth as possible.

Installation Date Confirmation

As your custom slabs are near completion, our fabrication manager will contact you to verify availability and lock in an installation date. We know it’s crucial to have adequate time to rearrange appliances and clear countertops before the fitting crews arrive. With confirmed dates direct from project leadership, you can prepare properly as we handle the heavy lifting seamlessly behind the scenes toward project completion.

Customer-First Mentality

Rather than force clients to juggle dozens of contacts, templates, fabrication, appointments, and fitting logistics, Stone Spirit consolidates everything under one roof. With a customer-centric process focused on open communication and transparency, we deliver stunning countertops properly fitted to your space with no surprises or hassles. Our past clients appreciate this uncomplicated, unified approach.

Full-Service Installation Options

Complete Countertop Removal and Disposal

On installation day, our crews arrive equipped with all the tools and materials to replace your existing countertops fully. We’ll protect your floors, walls, and cabinets before demolishing the old tops for environmentally responsible disposal. Removing the outdated counters makes way for your gorgeous new granite surfaces to be custom-sized to fit perfectly in the now open spaces. It’s best to clear appliances and hardware from countertops ahead of time so our teams can work efficiently.

Expert Integrations

Our installers have specialized expertise in properly integrating sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, and reused features into the new stone surrounds. We confirm all cutout dimensions match during templating to avoid any mismatches. We also reinstall cooktops or range tops into precise factory-cut openings in your granite for a customized factory-quality look. All connections are sealed securely.

Modifications and Finishing Touches

During any good remodel, minor modifications are common as blueprint changes evolve. Our crews handle all needed plumbing, electrical, or structural adjustments onsite for trouble-free integration during installation. To complete the new system, we can also build additional supports or backsplashes with matching materials and finishes.

Leave It to the Pros

Refrain from demolishing your outdated counters; haul in and install heavy granite slabs yourself. Please leave it to Stone Spirit’s experienced pros to handle this messy, intricate process while protecting your home. We supply all specialized equipment to lift the slabs plus safely modify kitchen components for a transformation you’ll love.

Superior Quality from Start to Finish

Unmatched Accountability Under One Roof

Unlike big box stores that outsource templating and fabrications, Stone Spirit completes every phase in-house. It’s handled under our roof, from digitally scanning your existing spaces, precision-cutting selected slabs, and hand-finishing edges to performing full-service countertop installations. Keeping your custom project in our custody from start to finish means fewer mistakes and superior accountability.

Reduced Risk of Miscommunication

With some companies, details get lost as projects move between outsourced templaters, remote fabrication shops, and third-party installers. But with everything happening internally at Stone Spirit, our teams communicate seamlessly to deliver correctly fitted countertops the first time. Our customers find it reassuring to work with one reliable company controlling quality through a hassle-free process.

Customization in Fabrication and Fitting

Our end-to-end process oversight also allows customization if layouts change during projects. If modifications occur after templating, our fabricators can tweak builds. If unexpected issues arise mid-installation, our crews rectify them onsite. We adapt easily without relying on external vendors, thanks to direct coordination between teams. Our customers avoid frustrating rebounds with this in-house fluidity.

Contact Us to See the Stone Spirit Difference

See firsthand why Stone Spirit Granite is the top-rated countertop purveyor for Orlando homes and businesses. Our unified supply chain brings accountability to every step, ensuring you get precisely what you want. Contact us today to request a quote and get started transforming your spaces with stunning custom granite fabricated and installed to perfection by Stone Spirit’s pros.

Order with Confidence from Stone Spirit

Ordering granite counters for an Orlando home can feel overwhelming, with many decisions involved. Put your trust in Stone Spirit Granite for a smooth, efficient process resulting in stunning new surfaces that will upgrade your home for decades. Contact us today to start transforming your spaces with high-quality granite from Stone Spirit!

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