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Why Stone Spirit Stands Out?

Your home or business should reflect your life style and taste. Natural stone countertops are becoming more and more popular to express the artistic elegance. If you are thinking about remodeling your home or business, countertops should definitely be on your shopping list. Stone Spirit stands out from other companies due to its professionalism, great service, latest and newest technology, which leads to excellence!

Latest and Best Technology

Stone Spirit Inc. is one of the few companies in USA that implements CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery for granite processing and fabrication.

The process is digitally precise from beginning to end. Not like many companies that do all the fabrication process by hand, Stone Spirit has computerized technology and machinery that always uses water, and since it is controlled by computer, it follows the line of the edge perfectly to guarantee smooth, shiny edges without any bumps.

Computerized design and fabrication not only allows increased production and faster fabrication, but enables our company to provide customers with complicated designs and custom-created artwork.

We use laser templating system. Digital measurements are very precise and taken, recorded, and then images are transported to our program. Many companies still do fabrication process by hand, but we take all the guess work out of the design and layout of your countertops by using Slabsmith perfect match. It’s important to point out that Stone Spirit is one of a few companies that uses Slabsmith technology in Florida. This means that other companies use guess work, and leave the outcome of your installation to a chance of mistakes and bad results.

Discount fabrication companies lack the experience, the precision cutting process and professional installation techniques and it leads to poor quality cutting, fabrication and installs. We’ve invested into the equipment to provide the best quality to our customer. Don’t risk to pay double to correct someone’s mistakes. We will rare have the cheapest price, but we will always get it right and give you the best result to protect your investment.

We’ve invested into the best and latest technology. We take high resolution pictures of every slab, then it’s transferred  into the system that allows to have 3D modeling of your countertops to define the best layout and flow and it allows you to see countertops in 3D layout before we cut the stone. These images can be e-mailed for you to see the result.


We work with residential homeowners and have completed work in homes from one-bedroom condominiums to large estates. Our commercial projects including banks, hotels and restaurants. Our company works with one of the biggest home improvement companies in USA and we received an “Excellence in Installation Award” in USA for 2005, 2006,2007 and 2008. As well as becoming the recent winners of the Parade of Homes 2008 – Best Kitchen Award

Author: Natalia Illarionova |  Date Updated: Tuesday, 25 February 2014  10:00 am

Why Stone Spirit Stands Out?