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Quartz Countertops vs. Granite Countertops in Orlando

Quartz Countertops vs. Granite Countertops in Orlando

When it comes to choosing between quartz and granite countertops in Orlando, there are a few key differences to consider. We will go over all the main differences and where you can buy countertops that are best for you in Orlando, FL.

Composition and Durability

Quartz is a kind of polished stone produced by mixing 80% crushed quartz stone and putty together, whereas granite is a natural stone. They both stand out for their durability, but while quartz is completely stain-free and germ-resistant, marble is quite delicate.


It’s much easier to preserve quartz surfaces in comparison with granite ones, and the maintenance of these surfaces is a lot simpler and more subtle. Glossing over, quartz is easily washed with mild soap and running water instead of granite, which has to be sealed occasionally to stop the stains.


With regards to that, both quartz and granite provide a lot of color and design options, but it is quartz that is mainly consistent because it is being created artificially. While many consider granite’s natural wholeness and uniqueness marks vital for some, others prefer these variations and versions.

Choosing the Right Countertop for Your Orlando Home

When the decision to choose between the different options is not easy in any way, here are some tips to help you make an informed decision: Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Consider Your Design Aesthetic

Picture the sort of visual style that you aim to have in your kitchen or washroom. Do you prefer a pristine fashion style or old-fashioned charm? Select a quartz countertop color and pattern that is in line with the chosen design style.

Think About Functionality

One aspect of display recognition is the esthetics. Although they are very important, let’s not forget about the functionality as well. If your kitchen place is busy and you see a lot of footsteps, think of choosing a dark quartz color or a pattern. They will be best for covering scratches and stains for you.

Prioritize Quality and Durability

For quartz countertops, quality and durability are the priorities. What you should do is check the brand name; for instance, choose one from Cambria, Caesarstone, or Silestone, the popular ones known for their quality manufacturing process and durability.

The Benefits of Choosing Quartz Countertops for Your Orlando Kitchen or Bathroom

When your Orlando home will provide kitchen and bathroom countertops, quartz has several key benefits that make it an excellent option for both places.

Increased Home Value

Replacing the working area of the Orlando kitchen or bathroom with quartz countertops will make your home value soar. Quartz is a premium material that is being priced high, which lures many homebuyers, generally in the Orlando real estate market. The best part about selecting quartz is the fact that it is a smart decision, as you could bank on the investment you make when it is time to sell.

Heat and Scratch Resistance

The purpose for which the material quartz is made renders it very indomitable to both heat and scratches. Different from anywhere natural stone, like granite or marble, quartz will not change when burners, pans, or appliances that are hot off are exposed. As such, its resilient and highly non-porous surface guarantees your kitchen fittings will keep on looking great for years.

Customization Options

Quartz countertops can achieve an almost unlimited variety of colors and designs for application to the homes of residents in Orlando. The variety of Quartz is quite incredible; indeed, it starts with edge profiles or backsplashes. It can also be compared with the most complex designs, such as a waterfall edge or integrated sink. The only limitation is a physical manifestation of your vision. The customized cabinetry option of your choice means you can go for a unique and customized look for your kitchen and bathroom.

Choosing a Quartz Countertop Fabricator in Orlando

The choice of the right quartz countertop fabricator is a great consideration to be taken to guarantee a satisfactory installation and to attain long-run results. When choosing a fabricator in the Orlando area, consider the following factors: When choosing a fabricator in the Orlando area, consider the following factors:

Experience and Reputation

Please send us a fabricator with a long-term connection to the quartz countertop industry at a minimum. Do your research by reading online reviews, asking for recommendations from friends or relatives, and checking your credentials. An experienced and well-regarded fabricator will be able to show its clients real cases describing the excellent work they perform and impressive customer satisfaction credentials.

Selection and Showroom

An outstanding Orlando quartz countertop fabricator should be provided with a showroom, the materials of which can be both seen and touched and here, the various quartz slab options would be available. This way, you will be able to view samples of the material on your home surface, getting a picture of the colors, patterns, and textures. All this will help you make the right choice.

Fabrication Capabilities

However, double-check that the craftsman you are about to hire has the equipment and talent to execute sophisticated quartz counter projects. Learn from them about manufacturing processes like the ones where they can do custom edge profiles, awfully fine cuts, and perfect installations.

Budget-Friendly Quartz Countertop Options in Orlando

Even though quartz is graded as a relatively inexpensive material by comparison to more selective stone materials like granite and marble countertops, there are still some savings options that one can apply to achieve a fairly cost-effective quartz countertop installation in Orlando. Granite countertops are an affordable option as well.

Consider Remnant Pieces

Tiles got out. The leftover bits of slabs from previous installation projects are not valuable anymore. Sometimes, we get them at a lower bargain price. This one is great for small pieces like vanity tops, kitchen islands, and countertops lengthwise if you’re not very demanding with specifications.

Go to the Showrooms and find their Clearance Sales at the Warehouse

Lots of quartz countertop fabricators in Orlando have to remove leftover products as warehouse clearance sales in order to reduce the surplus products. These sales can provide great opportunities with huge price cuts on high-quality quartz slabs, and this is done in a way that allows you to spend only half the money compared to spending the full amount to get the premium product.

Choose Even the Simplest Edge Profile

The kind of edge profile that is selected for your quartz countertops can also make a difference in regard to the final cost. Considering the fact that any compound edge detail with ogee or the bullnose would be distracting, those types of profiles also tend to be the most expensive. A marginal cost may be saved by opting for the traditional straight edge or a basic bevel, which, in turn, won’t compromise the attractiveness and practicality of your chosen edge option.

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or office, granite and quartz can be a great option. But if you are not sure, stop by our showroom and have a free consultation.

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