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Why Choose Granite Countertops Orlando Over Quartz

Why Choose Granite Countertops Orlando Over Quartz Countertops in Orlando, FL

Orlando Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops


Upgrading your Orlando, FL kitchen or bath? Granite and quartz countertops remain top contenders for beauty and performance. This guide compares the pros and cons of naming granite the best value material for most homeowners. Read on to learn from Orlando’s top fabricator, Stones Spirit Inc. You will also learn why natural granite countertops for kitchen and bathroom outshine quartz in aesthetics, pricing, and beyond!

When investing in new stone countertops to showcase your home or business in Orlando, Lake Mary or Winter Park, or any other central Orlando FL areaskey factors should be considered. These factors include visual appeal, durability, maintenance, and pricing, which should drive decisions between materials like classic granite and engineered quartz. With over 20 years of installing thousands of countertops in Orlando and Central Florida, Stones Spirit Inc. has insider knowledge on maximizing these elements in your favor. 

Quartz often gets touted as an innovative “high-tech” material that outclasses traditional natural stone. However, the assumption that quartz uniformly beats granite lacks merit for most applications. By understanding subtle performance differences and justifying higher initial costs, discerning Orlando homeowners discover that granite countertops in Orlando better suit both form and function in kitchens, baths, and more while conveying unmatched visual impact.

20+ Years Countertop Installation in Orlando, FL

With over two decades of crafting and installing quartz, granite, and other natural stone countertops throughout Orlando plus surrounding areas, Stones Spirit Inc. stands behind granite as the best material for most homeowners. We import premium granite slabs directly from exotic overseas quarries in unique colors and patterns simply unmatched by engineered alternatives. Then our expert fabrication team cuts and finishes these stones into gorgeous countertops Orlando homeowners rave about!

From precision digital template creation capturing exact cabinet dimensions to seamless installation by our seasoned professionals, we handle your entire countertop replacement process from start to finish. Our customers especially praise the handcrafted artistry we exhibit, translating stunning granite slabs into extraordinary countertops that have become the centerpieces of their homes for decades. Simply put, no manmade material like quartz replicates the allure, value, and satisfaction found in natural granite surfaces.

Granite Colors & Finishes

One key advantage natural granite holds over quartz is the sheer diversity of stones available. No two granite slabs share the same mineral patterns and color variations. Stones Spirit Inc. sources from exclusive quarries globally to offer Orlando, customers virtually endless options that match any style. You’ll discover brilliant whites, regal blacks, vibrant blues, and more in our expansive stone inventory.

Names like New Caledonia, Blue Night, Crystal Cream, Steel Gray, and Viscont White represent just a sample of the 50+ granite collections we import. Even neutrals showcase striking complexity up close. We also carry unique exotic stones like quartzite in tan, gray, and golden brown shades. Work with our design team to find the perfect granite aesthetic to create focal points that make your Orlando kitchen or bath shine.

Granite Countertops For Orlando Homeowners

Here at Stones Spirit Inc., we specialize in fabricating and installing only the finest and the best granite countertops to upgrade Orlando area kitchens, baths, bars, and more beautifully. As an exclusively natural stone company, we believe no engineered alternative like quartz offers the elite caliber and artisanal beauty found in premium granite we import from across the globe.

Names like Absolute Black, New Caledonia, and Blue Night showcase the endless range of colors and mineral patterns that are accessible when you source stones from renowned quarries with which we partner. Even popular white and gray granite delivers mesmerizing depth and dimension with white swirls and silver sparkles that catch the eyes.

See and touch these gorgeous granite slabs directly from overseas in our Orlando showroom, and then watch our experts transform them into your dream custom countertops. From flawless digital templating to precision cutting/edging, you’re guaranteed enduring installations that revitalize your property for decades as timeless focal points. Discover for yourself why granite outclasses quartz through our craftsmanship!

Natural Stone Products and Services

In addition to fabricating stunning natural granite countertops, Stones Spirit Inc. supplies and installs various premium stone materials at our Orlando fabrication shop and showroom:

  • Marble Countertops – Elegant classic stone with delicate veining in brighter white/gray shades fitting baths and accent walls
  • Soapstone Countertops are ideal for your kitchen or bathroom remodel in the Central Florida area. – Richly grained metamorphic rock in dark grayish greens and browns; develops an alluring patina
  • Quartzite Countertops – Natural stone with granite-like composition and aesthetic available in exotic limited colors
  • Tile/Backsplashes – Wide selections of natural stone and ceramic wall tile complementing new countertops
  • Stone Sinks/Vanities – Seamlessly integrated granite, marble, and soapstone sinks and bath vanities fabricated locally, ensuring your remodel in the Central Florida area is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Stone Fireplace Surrounds – Stunning focal points for living spaces are hand-cut from granite, stacked stone, marble, and more.
  • Bar Tops – Rugged finished granite and durable quartzite custom-sized for home bars and entertainment spaces.

Visit our Orlando showroom and fabrication facility to explore these and even more stone products that are ready to install in your residential or commercial renovation project!

Best Quality Kitchen Countertops in Orlando

The heart of any home is the kitchen. So when selecting new countertops in Orlando, choose materials like granite that withstand heavy daily use while accentuating your culinary space beautifully for decades. With over 50 distinct collections in stock, our granite offers colors, finishes, and designs unrivaled by quartz.

Names like Blue Night, Steel Gray, and Crystal Cream reflect just a sampling of the exotic imported granite we offer, which has brilliant colors and mesmerizing mineral patterns that sparkle uniquely in every slab. Even our granite that appears white or black showcases striking variations up close with integrated mineral deposits that catch the eyes and light.

Granite proves more scratch and heat-resistant than quartz, too. Proper sealing maintains water resistance and prevents staining/etching. We handle professional installation, guaranteeing precision cutting that suits your exact kitchen layout. You simply can’t find better quality, beauty, or value than our granite countertops, which are purpose-built to serve as Orlando kitchen focal points!

Marble Countertops Comparison With Granite

While granite makes an outstanding, durable kitchen countertop that can withstand heavy use, natural marble offers an appealing alternative for bathrooms wanting a lighter, brighter, elegant aesthetic. Composed of calcite, marble showcases delicate veining patterns and coloring ranging from crisp whites to grayish blues. Names like Calacatta, Statuario, and Carrara symbolize some premium varieties.

On Mohs mineral hardness scales, marble ranks slightly lower than granite, rating 3-4 versus 6-7, a key consideration for kitchen or bathroom countertops in Orlando. This means marble remains prone to chipping, etching, or staining if not carefully maintained, which is important to consider for bathroom countertops in Orlando. Our experts advise sealing marble countertops regularly and avoiding exposing them to acidic substances. For bath spaces that do not face excessive impact or wear, marble delivers striking beauty.

The decision between materials depends on your Orlando home and lifestyle. Granite makes the best kitchen countertop for those cooking regularly needing a rugged surface. However, for accent walls or bathroom vanities that see more limited use, marble should satisfy needs beautifully. Visit our fabrication shop and showroom to compare both stones and receive a free estimate on custom quartz or granite countertops.


In addition to the endless array of exotic granite we offer, Stones Spirit Inc. supplies Orlando homeowners, builders, and designers with many striking natural stone varieties to create one-of-a-kind countertops that upgrade spaces beautifully. Available loose bulk materials also facilitate truly custom looks.

  • Marble – Classic white/gray stone with delicate veining; great for baths and accent walls
  • Quartzite – Rare tan, gold, and gray natural stone with high durability resembling granite, an excellent choice for custom quartz and granite countertops.
  • Soapstone – Richly grained in dark greenish-gray hues, developing an alluring patina over time
  • Travertine – Subtle earth-toned stone filled naturally with small cavities, creating a rustic texture perfect for custom granite bathroom countertops in Orlando.
  • Limestone – Softer cream/tan sedimentary stone often containing ancient seashells and fossils
  • Onyx – Rare tan, gold, and gray natural stone with high durability resembling granite, an exquisite choice for bespoke kitchen or bathroom installations. – Vibrant solid color and translucent banded sedimentary stone for bold statements

For the widest selection of premium natural stone countertops in Central Florida, visit our Orlando showroom. Then, let our fabrication artisans transform your favorites into flawlessly installed kitchen, bath, or outdoor living space centerpieces!

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost as Compared to Granite?

On average, installed quartz countertops cost $70-100 per square foot range nationwide. Factors impacting quartz pricing include brand, complex edge profiles, and local market conditions. Undermount sinks, seams, cutouts, and off-angle mitering can add expenses too. At Stones Spirit Inc., our granite costs 30-50% less than quartz!

For roughly the same investment, discerning Orlando homeowners discover far more diverse, vibrant, and unique natural granite aesthetics compared to uniform manmade quartz. Even neutral granites showcase brilliant complexity with integrated mineral deposits that catch light beautifully. And exotic imported stones we source internationally offer unmatched quality.

With quartz, budget shoppers get locked into limited colors and monotonous uniform patterns, often resembling fake stone. Why settle for engineered sameness when Stones Spirit Inc. provides access to over 50 gorgeous granite collections starting under $50 per square foot installed? Get a free estimate for your remodel project today. Discover luxury, artistry, and value in Orlando’s largest designer granite inventory today, and ask about our Cambria quartz options! There are more other factors that distinguish granite from quartz


Are you looking for marble countertops in Orlando?

Yes, Stones Spirit Inc. proudly offers a gorgeous range of natural marble countertops in addition to granite surfaces that become stunning focal points of Orlando kitchens and baths, perfect for those considering a remodel. Composed of calcite, marble showcases delicate veining and colors from crisp whites to grayish blues, fitting upscale bathrooms beautifully while conveying refined luxury instantly. Work with our designers to discover the perfect marble countertop to match your upscale interior vision, and then watch our artisans flawlessly install your dream stone!

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost?

On average nationwide, installed quartz countertops range from $70-100 per square foot, depending on brand, complexity, and local labor/materials costs. Simple edge profiles, single-piece construction, and neutral colors represent the lowest quartz pricing scenarios. At Stones Spirit Inc., our premium exotic granite costs 30-50% less, starting under $50 installed!

How much do granite countertops cost in Florida?

Our Stones Spirit Inc. fabrication shop offers Orlando homeowners gorgeous granite countertops imported from overseas starting at just $45 per square foot installed. Thanks to our purchasing power and local distribution efficiency, you save big on world-class granite direct from legendary quarries without middleman markups or overhead. We make the process easy by handling precise templating, custom fabrication suited to your layout, and professional fitting. Contact us today to affordably upgrade to premium granite!

Looking for a fast and accurate countertop estimate?

At Stones Spirit Inc., we leverage advanced 3D laser templating technology to capture precise measurements suited to your unique Orlando kitchen or bath layout when replacing old countertops. This digital accuracy lets our fabrication artisans craft stunning new granite, marble, or quartzite counters that fit your exact space perfectly. Our templating and fabrication process delivers a fast turnaround from estimate to quality installation without any guessing that compromises seamless results!

Looking for a perfect countertop?

If you seek truly flawless Orlando countertops that convey luxury instantly, Stones Spirit Inc. has the solution. We import elite slabs and then digitally template spaces for perfect sizing. Our fabricator’s hand cut and finish using top machinery. Finally, seasoned installers create inconspicuous seams at clever angles that feel seamless. From exotic New Caledonia granite to stunning Calacatta marble, our artisan process delivers perfection!

Looking for alternatives to granite, marble or quartz?

Beyond classic kitchen staples like granite, marble, and quartz, Stones Spirit Inc. provides Orlando homeowners with exotic natural stone alternatives for countertops, including quartzite, soapstone, travertine, onyx, and more! Discover tan, black, and golden brown quartzite mimicking granite without seams. See rich green soapstone developing an alluring patina. Check out artisanal travertine or bold solid onyx colors. With the area’s largest designer stone inventory, we have just the unique material to create your dream custom countertop masterpiece!

What is the downside of granite countertops?

The only minor downside of premium granite countertops involves sealing requirements to prevent absorbing liquids. However, professional sealing only once a year maintains water resistance and enhances stain protection. Otherwise, the dramatic exotic granite slabs we import offer unmatched durability, heat/scratch resistance, and ageless beauty that quartz and other engineered stones simply can’t replicate authentically. The tiny tradeoff seals granite’s status as the ultimate high-end natural stone countertop material that dazzles!

Which countertops are cheaper: quartz or granite?

In most cases, granite proves to be the most affordable countertop option for Orlando homeowners who want to maximize natural stone beauty per invested dollar. Our fabrication shop’s installed exotic granite pricing starts under $50 per square foot. That compares to 30-50% cheaper than installed quartz, costing $70-100 per square foot on average. See how we import premium granite and marble overseas directly to offer better value than big box stores!

Which is better: quartz or granite?

When it comes to aesthetics, durability, and overall value, dramatic high-end granite wins as the best countertop material over uniform quartz for most Orlando homeowners. Granite simply offers far more diverse natural elegance and artisanal “wow factor” with its kaleidoscopic colors, hypnotic veining, and brilliant mineral deposits that sparkle uniquely across every slab. Quartz lacks comparable visual impact. And no manufactured material replicates granite’s soulful essence!

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