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Counter Types

Counter Types

Counter Types Each counter is unique. A counter could be cut from a natural stone or manufactured in a factory. It could be made from wood, designed as butcher block or plank form. Counter types might possibly be plywood with laminate coating the surface. Other options are tiles or stainless steel wrapping it. It might […]

Super White Granite Countertops

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! There are many colors of granite to choose from, but one of the recent most popular colors have been super white granite Super white granite is a beautiful stone. The shades and colors of super white granite vary from light white to darker colors. It is a metamorphic rock with […]

Traditional style kitchen design

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Although, there are many different types of kitchen designs – traditional style tends to stand the test of time. Traditional style for kitchens is one of the most popular It has been changing a lot throughout the years, but the main idea stays the same. It’s no more necessarily have […]

Designs for small kitchen countertops

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Small space requires careful planning and creativity. Every single inch has to be very efficient. Either the kitchen is the gallery style or an irregular shape, choosing the right places for appliances and designing countertop space is extremely important. Designs for small kitchen countertops require much more attention and thoughtful […]