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Difference – Granite and Quartz

Difference between Granite and Quartz Some of the most common questions that people ask while choosing the countertop: “What’s the difference between granite and quartz? Is it natural or not? Is it safe to use? What is the cost? What’s the difference between granite and quartz? Natural or Not? Both materials are natural, but one […]

Quartz Countertops – Orlando LG Viatera

Quartz countertops Top quality LG Viatera quartz material for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Quartz is also called designed stone–is its own, unique material. Here are the features of quartz countertops Composition: Around 93% nutrient material. The great degree of nutrient material gives quartz its unique look and sensation. In comparison, strong surface’s 66% nutrient / […]

Cambria Quartz Countertops

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Cambria Quartz Countertops Cambria Quartz Countertop – kitchen countertops go through a lot, from scratches and stains to the stress of everyday life. Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for constructing a durable, safe and beautiful looking countertop. The Material Components Cambria […]

Sensa Granite Care Orlando

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Sensa granite Sensa granite is a high-performance quality countertop. The stone is almost impossible to damage, whether it be by a hot pan or a knife. For many food preparation methods, you will need to use a cutting board. This is not necessarily to protect your countertop, as much as […]

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Sensa Granite Orlando

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Sensa Granite Orlando Sensa Granite Orlando – sensa countertops are a wonderful addition while remodeling a home or office. There are many choices, and choosing the right granite can be difficult without knowing all the details. Sensa Granite Characteristics Granite is a hard porous material that can last for many […]

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How much granite quartz countertops cost

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Countertops Prices While remodeling the kitchen, it is important to know what the budget for the kitchen remodel is. Countertops’ prices vary depending on the level of the material. Sometimes, people can get carried away with design ideas, and the sky is the limit when it comes to kitchen renovations. […]

Kitchen Countertops Island Dimensions

Kitchen Countertops Island Dimensions

Kitchen countertops island dimensions When it comes to kitchen countertops, dimensions, style and personal preferences should be taken into consideration. Adding a kitchen island has become a very popular option in many modern homes. A proper design gives space for cooking, food preparation, eating, friend and guest gatherings, doing homework, or casual dining. Kitchen island […]

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How to clean granite countertops?

How to clean granite countertops? Granite is a very popular choice for many homeowners, but a lot of people are unsure how to maintain and clean granite, and sometimes are even not sure if they should get granite for that same reason. Does granite stain? If the granite countertop sealed properly, there should be no […]

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Cambria Quartz in Orlando

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Cambria Quartz If you are in search of natural stone with low maintenance, then Cambria Quartz could be a suitable option for you. This is because it provides you the many choices in terms of colors and designs without maintenance. As compared to granite, this material is an extremely hard […]