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Kitchen Countertops Island Dimensions

Kitchen countertops island dimensions

When it comes to kitchen countertops, dimensions, style and personal preferences should be taken into consideration. Adding a kitchen island has become a very popular option in many modern homes. A proper design gives space for cooking, food preparation, eating, friend and guest gatherings, doing homework, or casual dining. Kitchen island countertops are from various materials.

Kitchen island countertops are picked according to the personal preferences, layout, and available space.

Here are some guidelines:

If there’s going to be a lot of traffic, keep the walkway at least 4 feet wide. For one cook, the dimensions decrease 40 inches wide, while two cooks require 42 inches to 60 inches between an island and base cabinet. And narrow island will function better with one level kitchen countertops.

quartz countertop black and white

The same island with different heights functions vary. Additionally, built-in island should have electrical outlets, but it is extremely important to figure out where they should go. Depending on the dimensions and position of the island, it can be not just the space for cooking, but it can be a great storage space, wine storage, and it will give a lot of sitting area. A great option is a moving island. It is useful and has extra       prep space and removed for walking space.

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