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5 Reasons to Install Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops are the best solution for any busy kitchen or bathroom. The low-maintenance option makes them perfect in use. The most potent natural mineral on earth blends with resin. Its main properties include stain-resistant, non-porous, and clean easily. No one needs to seal or polish them. If you fail to decide between Quartz Countertops and others, then this article will undoubtedly clear your doubts. Following are the primary five reasons to install the quartz countertops in your kitchen and bathroom:

Durability & Consistency

Quartz is the best durable countertop for the kitchen available in the market. You don’t need to take tension about scratching. Due to its maximum long-lasting, manufacturers give warranty on the material. And you can acquire around 15 to 25 years warranty on the quartz countertops. Its color remains consistent over time, while granite slabs are dyed to make a pleasing color. And these dyes can lose their brightness over time, resulting in an inconsistent tone.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Granite countertops need daily sealing to enhance their quality or keeping them in perfect condition. But this is not the case in quartz countertops. They usually move through a vacuum chamber during their making process to remove all the air from these materials.
This action makes the quartz materials non-porous. That means they cannot absorb water and resist mold growth and bacteria. It results in creating these countertops easy to wash or clean by applying a mild detergent’s solution.

Variety in Colors

You are free to choose a wide range of colors of quartz countertops from apple green shade to smoky grey. They allow you to select designs that give the appearance of expensive materials such as marbles. The quartz is versatile and can fit into any kitchen or bathroom’s interior design. You can ask your designer about selecting the best countertop for you.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

The manufacturer of this countertop uses crushed quartz with pigments and resins. All the brands use the same technique regarding its production. It is the favorite thing about these countertops that quartz is already mined. So, producers recycle scraps from other mining and avoid the mining of natural quartz. The plus point of this procedure is, having a minimal effect on the quality of air. This will help you to keep your mind in peace where lifts the questions regarding health. They prove themselves eco friendly from other famous surfaces.

Best for All Households

The extreme durability, low-maintenance, functionality, and affordability make the quartz countertops favorable to a variety of kitchens or bathrooms. For young couples, they provide versatility and modern style. As for busy families, the countertops endure continuous messes or spills. View more quartz ideas The long-lasting and robust nature of quartz countertops makes them beneficial for seniors. So, from young couples to senior people, all like to install them in their homes.

You are now fully aware of the advantages of quartz countertops that distinguish them from others. In the first place, contact with your designer about selecting a specific color, finish choices, edge style, and price from various quartz countertop producers. If you are working with a professional, he will help you to find trusted installers or fabricators in your region.

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