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Which countertop is the best?

Which Countertop is the Best? Countertop materials come in hundreds or thousands of patterns, colors, and textures ranging from natural stone types to unique reclaimed wood. The basic type of countertop materials tends to be few, and this makes it easier for you to sort out which ones would be the best fit for your kitchen or bathroom. The following are some of the various countertop materials you should be aware of:

Natural Stone

This collection of countertop materials is extracted from naturally occurring rock from the earth’s surface and come in various types and designs. They include the following:

Soapstone/ slate

Soapstone and slate are both non-porous and exotic materials that don’t require any sealing during installation. While soapstone tends to soft and prone to scratch or knife marks, slate is considered brittle and especially at the edges or corners.


It is considered one of the most popular countertop materials around and comes in a wide variety of colors from Skyfall blue to midnight black amount others. Granite has little or no visible seams and is durable and heat resistant. However, they need to be sealed for stain resistance and are also quite expensive.


It is a high-end quarried stone that is available n a limited variety of colors as compared to granite. It is also a soft material and fantastic for kitchen activities. Marble is durable and has seductive natural patterns but tends to have high-maintenance costs and needs consistent sealing because they show knife marks or scratches while being expensive.

Manufactured stone

They are also known as engineered stone and are increasingly growing in popularity among homeowners. The most common type of engineered stone is quartz, which is a sturdy material that requires no sealing. These manufactured stones offer a wide variety of colors for users to choose from. Other engineered stones include Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, and Zodiaq. Manufactured stones are durable and don’t require high-maintenance. They come in many patterns but are, however, considered expensive.


Quartz is one of the most popular countertops right now on the market. This is a very durable material, so it attracts a lot of buyers. It is very easy to maintain, as it is pre-sealed. So people don’t have to worry about stains, damages, cracks. Manufactures produce a lot of different patterns and colors making it another reason a very good choice.

When it comes to deciding which countertop is the best, it really depends on what you are looking for. It depends on the style and colors of your home right now. Sometimes, granite would be a better option, but sometimes, quartz is a better option. View more ideas for countertops

If you are not sure, stop by a design center and have a consultation with a design specialist. They will be able to explain all the differences of all materials, show slabs, help you match the material with your current cabinets and tile. Make sure you are fully informed before making the final choice.
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