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New Granite Countertops Colors

New Granite Countertops Colors

For bathroom and kitchen countertops, granite has remained a popular and preferred choice since the 1980s. This natural stone dims marble with its solid, hardy, and less porous texture in terms of durability. Not only this, but granite is staining resistant once sealed which means it is easy to clean and requires less maintenance making it appropriate for busy communal bathroom and kitchen spaces.

New Granite Countertops Colors

4 Popular New Granite Countertops Colors of The Current Season

1. Alpine White

The homeowners fall in love with Alpine White, popular in previous years for its stark styles. The eye-catching combination of coffee brown, deep gray, and snowy white adds a spark to an all-white kitchen aesthetic. Not preferring minimalism doesn’t include fussy décor or cluttered countertops. Still, a soothing combination of Alpine White with black granite hues and unique contrasting light will make it the best of both worlds.

2. Black

If you want to add a bold and dramatic touch to your kitchen, from the new granite countertops colors, black granite is one of the finest options. This unique granite countertop color with white veins or gold flecks is bolder than the classic all-white countertops. From glittering Black Galaxy granite that resembles the stars in the sky to dark Nordic Black granite, it adds a dramatic touch to your kitchen and makes it look striking.

3. Azul Celeste

The new granite countertop colors have shades of gray included, which has become a popular choice for home décor. The soothing and element shade of silvery gray, charcoal, and pale blue is the Azul Celeste, which looks perfect alongside stainless-steel appliances and gray-hued cabinetry. Its muted enough to make other elements glimmer and bold enough to become the focal center of home décor.

4. Blue

For a tranquil and calm exterior space, blue granite kitchen countertops are the right choice for your home décor. Their swirling patterns are compared to an ocean and evoke a dynamic movement in kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The color patterns range from deeply saturated blues, and sturdy to lighter veins and other muted tones.

The different shades of granite mentioned above are considered some of the best new granite countertops colors and will add a sense of serene and unique contrast to your home décor. The new granite countertops colors of the current year’s trend are a combination of extravaganza and minimalism. These colors combine exotic colors like black, white, neutral gray, and cream shades, making them exclusive and remarkable.

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