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How to Order Lowe’s Countertops in Orlando

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops in the Orlando area? Lowe’s has a great selection of countertop materials and offers professional installation services. We are going to go over how to order Lowe’s Countertops in Oralndo. 

When it’s time for new countertops, where do you start? The process can seem daunting with so many materials, fabrication, and installation options. Fortunately, Lowe’s offers a streamlined, start-to-finish countertop solution in Orlando.

A comprehensive walkthrough of the whole process of placing an order for countertops in Lowe’s Orlando stores is provided in this article. This lesson will show you how to select materials, schedule free in-home estimates, place orders, and prepare for a perfect installation day! Lowe’s turnkey countertop services make it easy to improve kitchen appearance. Here’s how to order new countertops at Lowe’s in Orlando.

Measure Your Countertops

measure countertops at orlando home

Taking measurements of your current countertops is the first step if you want to get a free quote. You will need to choose the material before getting a quote. Lowe’s will need the information you provide to construct and install your new countertops. Be careful to take specific measurements of the length, breadth, and any seams or corners that may be present. 

To ensure that your new countertops are fabricated and installed correctly, you must take precise measurements of your current countertops. We have some advice for you:

Use a Measuring Tape

Use a steel retractable measuring tape to measure all straight sections. Measure the entire length and depth. For L-shaped sections, measure each length.

Get as exact as possible since even minor errors can prevent proper installation. Write down all measurements.

Measure Cutouts

Use the tape to measure sink cutouts, stove cutouts, or other notches on the countertop. Measure the cutout at its most comprehensive and most extended dimensions.

For curved or irregular cutouts, trace the shape onto paper or cardboard to scale.

Note Thickness

Use a ruler to measure the thickness of your existing countertop at several spots and note the dimensions. This informs the fabrication requirements for your new top.

Photograph Overhangs

Take photos of any overhangs for islands or peninsula counters from multiple angles. It is hard to measure overhangs accurately with a tape measure. Photos give the fabricator the proper perspective.

Consider Obstructions

Note any potential obstructions like low-hanging lights, windows, or decorative backsplashes that could impact installation. The installers will need to account for these.

Mark Seams

If the counter you now have contains seams, you should use painter’s tape to indicate the positions of the seams so that those places may manufacture the new counter.

Lowe’s can guarantee that your new countertop will perfectly match your kitchen or bathroom layout if you provide them with the correct dimensions and specifications. To avoid any issues in the future, it is essential to take the time to measure correctly.

Choose Your Countertop Material

Once you have your measurements, you can stop by at one of Lowe’s locations in Orlando, and choose the best material for you. Lowe’s offers granite, quartz, corian, porcelain and many other materials. If you prefer to see the whole slab, a representative will schedule a slab viewing for you.

Quartz countertops cost

The key benefits of using Lowe’s for countertops in Orlando include:

  • Convenience of purchasing material, fabrication, and installation all in one place
  • Free in-home estimates provide accurate measurements and costs
  • Ability to see sample materials in-store to choose the right colors, patterns, and textures
  • Coordination of fabrication and installation timelines for a smooth process
  • Expert installation by Lowe’s professionals who are familiar with the product.
  • Oversight of the whole process by a dedicated Lowe’s associate.

Get an Estimate

Lowe’s offers free estimates regarding countertop installation wherever possible. Stone Spirit works with a lot of Lowe’s store locations. Stone Spirit in Orlando offers free estimates. A representative will ask you for at least approximate measurements of your kitchen, verify the specifics, and provide an estimate of the project’s overall cost, including the cost of materials, fabrication, delivery, and expert installation. Once you pick your material at Lowe’s, you will be contacted to schedule measurements.

What you may anticipate is as follows:

Request an Appointment

Describe your project, including countertop dimensions and material. They will arrange for an associate to visit your home at some time.

The In-Home Measure

The associate will measure all existing countertops using precise tools, such as laser measures. This guarantees exact measurements, unlike the do-it-yourself approach.

They will also note any special installation requirements according to your kitchen layout.

Review Estimate Details

The associate will offer a total full-price estimate detailing material costs, fabrication, delivery, and professional installation. Make sure to ask questions and find out precisely what they are covering.

Ensure that you are comfortable with all costs before proceeding.

Inspect Installation Requirements

Look under existing countertops for possible problems. Installers must secure counters properly and shim if base cabinets are unlevel.

Mark anything that could cause an install issue, such as low ceilings, peculiar angles, or concerns over appliance clearance.

Ordering an in-home estimate brings a perfect countertop solution for your space. Use Lowe’s measuring expertise and design advice.

Place Your Order

When ready, the associate will process your order and gather the information you need to pay before proceeding. The turnaround time might differ depending on the materials’ wait periods and installation schedule. It can take three to four weeks to construct a granite countertop while installing a laminate countertop may take one week.

Your sales associate can show you options if you still need to select your exact slabs or colors. This ensures you get the look you want.

Provide Payment

You will need to pay a deposit upfront when placing the order. Lowe’s accepts all standard payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, checks, or financing.

Confirm Timeline

Get an estimated timeline for fabrication and installation. Lead times vary:

  • Granite: 3-4 weeks
  • Quartz: 2-3 weeks
  • Laminate: 1 week

Factor in additional time if you selected material that needs to be ordered.

Removal of Old Countertops

If Lowe’s is not handling a demo of your old countertop, schedule a contractor to remove it about two days before installation day.

Ensure proper disposal protocols are followed.

Template and Fabricate

Lowe’s will create a template of your counters to ensure a perfect fit. This is used to fabricate your customized countertop.

You may receive progress updates during fabrication based on your sales agreement.

Prepare for Install

To ensure that installers have unfettered access, countertops should be cleared. It is essential to remove any remnants of glue or caulk. Address any concerns that the cabinet may have in advance.

Assist in coordinating the installation team’s access to the residence.

After your purchase, you can take it easy, knowing that your brand-new dream countertops will be fitted soon!

Installation Day

A Lowe’s crew will deliver and install your countertop on the scheduled installation day. Make sure your counters are empty, and look for any last-minute changes that may be needed.

Clear Countertops and Clean

  • Remove everything from existing counters.
  • Prepare the surfaces clean before installing new countertops. Get rid of the debris, grease, or dirt.

Perform Final Inspection

Final check for any clearance problems, flatness of base cabinets, and wall continuity. Identify if any last-minute changes are necessary to be noted by installers.

Greet the Install Team

  • Show up on-site to let the installation team in and have any questions answered. Provide utilities where necessary.
  • Provide parking spaces if helpful.

Stay Out of the Way

  • The installers need full access to do their job. Avoid the kitchen, but stay near them should they need any help.
  • Enter the work area only if needed and when directed by the team.

Inspect and Approve

  • Once the installation is completed, you thoroughly inspect the countertop for any flaws and ensure it matches what you ordered.
  • Test the appliance faucets to make sure they fit correctly and operate smoothly.
  • If you are happy, sign the approval documents.

Clean Up

  • The install team will sweep the work area and collect debris or scraps.
  • Check floors and walls for any dirt or residue. Address any additional cleanup needed.


Making improvements to your worn-out countertops may radically affect the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom and the operation of the space. However, in the past, it was necessary to coordinate numerous suppliers’ activities to finish choosing materials, taking precise measurements, fabricating, and installing professionally.

Every step of the process, from beginning to end, is made more accessible by Lowe’s. Granite, quartz, solid surface, Laminate, and tile are just a few of the countertop materials sold in-store by their knowledgeable colleagues, who assist you in selecting the material that best suits your needs. In addition to providing expert installation services, Lowe’s is responsible for measuring, fabricating, and installing products at their production facilities. Stone Spirit in Orlando works closely with many Lowe’s locations. 

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