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Different types of granite countertops

There are different types of stone countertops, and there is no one answer which countertop is the best. Picking the right stone countertop depends on the personal preferences, taste, style of life.

Granite countertops have become one of the most popular choices among different types of stone countertops.

It has gained popularity due to many valuable features. It is extremely durable stone, and it can withstand very high heat. Granite has become very affordable within the last several years. Quaries all over the world export granite into the United States, making it available in almost any possible color, texture, and pattern.

Different types of stone countertops are usually prepared in two thicknesses: 2 cm and 3 cm. But at the same time, to create a thicker look, it is also common to place basis together to create 4cm look, so visually it will be thicker slab.

Edge profiles can also change the look of granite countertops. Some edge profiles will give sharper look and some will give more elegant or sharp look.

The surface of different types of granite countertops can be highly polished, honed, or ruffed. Stone finish depends on the preferences of the homeowner, and which look wants to be achieved.

It is also important to remember that granite is a natural stone; therefore, it is pores. It is extremely important to seal granite countertops in order to avoid staining in the future.

Once natural stone is picked and properly sealed and installed, it will create a very unique and exquisite look in the kitchen.

Author: Natalia Illarionova |  Date Updated: Monday, 9 November 2015  10:00 am

Different types of granite countertops