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Counter Types

Each counter is unique. A counter could be cut from a natural stone or manufactured in a factory. It could be made from wood, designed as butcher block or plank form. Counter types might possibly be plywood with laminate coating the surface. Other options are tiles or stainless steel wrapping it. It might also have concrete poured into it,  and these are just a few of some of the most popular choices of counter types.

Here are some most popular counter types

Slab-style countertops

Slab-style countertops are mainly stone slabs–have become one of the best choices.
Tile counters have been popular for decades due to the many traits of stone. A stone has strength, durability, heat and moisture resistance, and it is an easy to clean surface.

Tile-type countertops

Tile’s weakness is its grout, which can stain, erode, or chip over time, giving seamless counters a daily clean-up advantage–but stone surfaces also have their own caring issues.
Wood, concrete, and steel also have very few seams and are all gaining in popularity, but they aren’t better than tile when you consider the advantages a stone has. Tile comes in a  vast majority of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials–including marble, granite, and quartz. Most tile can be laid down by reasonable handy homeowners. And if you want a more historical or retro look, tile may acquire a more guanine effect, depending on the era you want to replicate.

So there are a lot of options, but the final decision of counter types should be made by the homeowner with consideration of preferences, styles, taste, etc.

Author: Natalia Illarionova |  Date Updated: Wednesday, 16 September 2015  3:00 pm

Counter Types