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There are many different countertops available in today’s market.

Different factors play various roles and countertops pricing

Natural Stone

Statistically, natural stone has been in the most demand for many years, but it is in the higher price range. But at the same time, when you way advantages and disadvantages of other countertops, it can be realized quite soon that the investment is absolutely worth it. It looks beautiful, durable, and natural. Most kind of damage can be sanded out.

Natural stone is heat resistant, scratch resistant, very easy to maintain, while giving one of the best looks. It also increases the value of the home.


Laminate is another choice for countertops. While comparing countertops pricing, laminate is one of the least expensive. It has a lot of colors and patterns, readily available in many stores. It is easily to install and clean. But the disadvantage is that the seams can be damaged with water. This material is somewhat resistant, but it is very easily scratched. The damage cannot be repaired. Laminate countertops have very short lifespan, but at the same time can be easily removed and replaced if there is the desire to replace countertops several times.


Tile countertops are another option. It is very durable and waterproof. The pricing on the tile depends on the level and the type of tile. It requires sealing. Grout sometimes might stain and also should be sealed. If a tile cracks, it can be easily replaced with only one bad area, versus with slab countertops, you would have to replace the whole countertop most of the time.

Synthetic Slabs

Synthetic slabs are another option for kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are durable and require not too much maintenance. They are nonporous, which makes them water resistant, bacteria resistant, and somewhat heat resistant. Hot pans should not be placed on synthetic countertops, as there might be a reaction with polymers that are used to produce synthetic slabs.

When it comes to comparing countertops pricing, synthetic slabs are also in the higher price range.

Price $$$-$$$$
Stone $$$$
Laminate $
Tile $-$$

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