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There are different materials for countertops. But certain materials are better for different areas.

For example, granite and quartz are best for heavy duty kitchen countertops, marble and limestone are better for bathrooms or back splashes.

Both materials are softer and more pours than granite. It is extremely important to seal these materials upon installation.


Marble is a very soft stone. Because of its texture and temperature, it is also bakers favorite countertop. So if there is a lot of baking involved in the house, and some heavy cooking in other areas, it might be best to install marble only in a certain area of the kitchen, creating the perfect place for pastry makers. Mixing different materials for different areas of the kitchen has become a popular option. It gives engraved and versatile look, and provides the best material for the purpose needed.


Limestone is used not as often. It is usually cream color with bits of fossil. It is a sedimentary rock that mainly consists of calcium carbonate. It is usually an organic sedimentary rock that forms from the accumulation of shell, coral, and other debris. Marble and limestone are often used for backsplash is. It is a beautiful stone and can be used as decorative centerpiece.
But it is important to keep in mind that marble and limestone can lose its luster and smoothness if this countertop is exposed to acid. So it is extremely important to wipe up all leftovers or liquid.
But if marble and limestone are installed properly and sealed correctly, it can create an impressive and luxury look in the kitchen or bathroom.
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