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Natural Stone Countertops

natural stone countertops

Natural Stone Countertops

There are a lot of countertops available nowadays among natural stone countertops

Natural stone countertops have been the top preference for many years.

There are hundreds of colors and types of stone. The most popular choices are granite, marble, soapstone, and slate. Natural stone can have different softness, porosity, stain resistance, and require a different type of care. But all of them are very durable.

There are a lot of advantages to having natural stone

If properly installed and maintained, they can outlast even the life of the house itself. Natural stone countertops are water resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant.
Natural stone countertops can have different finishes. One of the most popular – glossy finish. This type of surface is smooth, sealed, and polished. The honed surface is smooth and sealed but not polished.

Natural stone countertops are one of the most expensive options. But when you take into consideration how long they last, and how great the look is, and all the advantages, including the higher value of the resale, it is absolutely worth the investment.

Cost of a natural stone countertops varies depending on the level and how rare that stone is in nature. The thickness of the stone and where it was quarried also determines the price.

Some natural stone is extremely heavy, so it is important to know if the cabinets and floor can carry and support the countertops.
The matter of maintenance depends on what stone is picked. So it is important to know how to treat and maintain natural stone countertops.

Stone Spirit Inc. has professionally trained staff that can help you answer any questions you might have about different types of countertops, how to pick the proper stone, and how to maintain and treat the countertops so they can last a lifetime.

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Author: Natalia Illarionova |  Date Updated: Tuesday, 22 December 2015  10:00 am

Natural Stone Countertops