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Why Granite Countertops in Orlando Prices Going Up?

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Are granite countertops in Orlando prices going up?

Granite countertops are the premier choice for renovating kitchens and commercial projects. It gives warmth to the kitchen with its custom designs and appealing quality. However, the price of natural stone granite countertops increased with significant differences. Due to increased costs, we think twice before installing granite countertops in kitchens.

Orlando also faces an increase in granite countertop prices due to significant factors. But it is a fact that the high costs of granite countertops make it challenging to renovate the projects and meet customer demands. Every homeowner wants an appealing and warming look, and it is impossible without adding granite countertops.
However, different factors affect the prices of granite countertops in Orlando. Some economic situations, like trade wars, significantly increase the costs of granite countertops globally.

Here is the overall picture of granite countertops in Orlando that you need to consider before choosing the countertops for your projects.

Current prices of granite countertops in Orlando

If we talk about the average price of granite countertops, then it is around $3,300. You can find the best granite countertops between the range of $2,000 and 4,500 by describing your countertop’s thickness, length, and all other factors. However, the large slabs have high prices, but the granite countertop’s weight also matters a lot in its pricing.

If you are looking for cheap options for granite countertops, consider installing granite tiles compared to solid slabs. It will consist of small granite pieces but significantly differ in pricing.

Per square foot prices of granite countertops

Many get better prices by calculating per square foot of granite countertops. If you are working on home renovation projects, then per-square-foot countertops are the best way to deal with clients. However, the per-square-foot cost of granite countertops is around $40 to $100.

Ensure to consider the labor cost separately whenever you deal in per-square-foot prices of granite countertops. In Orlando, the labor cost for granite countertops is around $35 to $85 per hour. So you can calculate the final prices of granite countertops by considering these two factors collectively.

Factors that influence the prices of granite countertops

There are several factors in Orlando that affect the prices of granite countertops. It is always a major investment when installing countertops in the kitchen. Granite countertops are precious, and different factors influence their prices.
However, the primary factors that affect the prices of granite countertops include the following:

Granite countertop size

The size of the granite countertop is one of the primary factors that increases or decreases the final price of your renovation project. Consider your kitchen size before getting the price quote for a granite countertop in Orlando. The larger granite countertop will have more costs and will reduce as the size of the countertop reduces.

Granite countertop thickness

Usually, the granite countertop thickness is around 1.2 to 3 cm. You can make thicker countertops according to your budget and project requirements. However, if you choose the 2 cm countertop, it also requires additional lamination and Polywood support to increase its durability. The other work in the installation will also charge different prices.

Granite countertop color and design

Granite countertops have a wide variety of colors and designs in the market. For more natural and attractive looks, you can get unique and appealing designs and color patterns in granite countertops. However, the most common colors in granite countertops are beige, brown, and green. There are also some rare colors like blue and red. But it is a fact that the rare colors in the market will cost more. It costs more than $100 per square foot if you are looking for blue granite countertops.
Production of granite countertops

Now it is essential to clarify that the granite countertops dealers charge separate costs for stone and then countertop manufacturing. So the final price of granite countertop production includes the cost of edge profile, sink cutouts, polishing, and installation.

Installation complexity of granite countertops

The installation complexity of granite countertops is also a significant factor in Orlando that affects its cost. It means that you need to pay for the countertop production separately, and the installation cost is additional. The installation of granite countertops in Orlando depends on the thickness, kitchen countertop plan, sealing, fabrication, and removal of existing countertops.

Differences in company prices

Every company in Orlando has a slight change in granite countertop prices. It is hard to determine the cost of granite countertop production by every company. But you need to consider it in your account when you are budgeting for the kitchen countertops.
The best practice to know about the granite countertops prices by different companies in Orlando is to get price quotes from other companies.
The economic situation that increases the prices of granite countertops

The trade war between China and the United States is an important factor affecting the economic situation globally.

Granite is one of the popular natural stones, but the trade war affects granite prices immensely. According to studies, the cost of rare stones will increase above $100 in the coming years. However, the final rates of granite countertops significantly influenced the negotiations between China and the United States trade war.

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