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When it comes to kitchen countertops, many factors should be considered before deciding what kind of countertop should be installed in the kitchen. There are many types, styles, textures, etc.

Depending on the taste and preferences in the style of life, there are many options for kitchen countertops

The most common choices for kitchen countertops are granite and quartz.
But the selection is not limited only to those two choices.
There are also laminate, tile, wood, concrete, stainless steel.
In the previous blogs, there has been a lot of information about laminate, tile, quartz, granite: http://stonespiritinc.com/granite-quartz-countertops-orlando/countertop-prices/

But here’s some more information about wood and concrete kitchen countertops.
Wood countertops range from planks of reclaimed pine to butcher block. Butcher block is made from small lengths of maple wood together and it creates a very hard surface. There is also eco friendly bamboo, but technically it is grass, and it is much softer than wood. So it is not the best choice for kitchen countertops.

Wood Kitchen Countertops

Wood is a natural material and can absorb moisture; therefore, bacteria can be created. So it should be treated periodically with wood safe oil. Non-food services should be sealed with water-based sealant. If moisture and humidity is around would a lot, it will discolor very fast. So it is best to use this material away from sinks and dishwashers. Any food stains or spots left by hot pots, or scratches can be sanded out.
Another option for countertop surfaces concrete.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete has a lot of texture colors and extremely versatile. So it can be suitable for almost any style of kitchen. Concrete kitchen countertops can either be crated offsite and then installed by the fabricator, or it is possible to pour it in place. But concrete countertop can stain and crack. The sealer will preserve concrete, but it won’t make it stain resistant. Concrete countertops are extremely heavy, so it is important to take into consideration the weight and make sure that the cabinets in the floor can take the weight without cracking.

As can be seen, there are advantages and disadvantages to different kitchen countertops. The choice should be made based on personal preferences, important features, and style of life.

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