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Top questions to answer before starting kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation can be an overwhelming project. There are many factors to consider and important elements to keep in mind.

Here are some questions to answer before starting kitchen renovation

It will help you to understand better what needs to be changed and done.

It will also help you to consolidate your thoughts on different ideas and issues.
And even if you cannot afford to have every possible change, and it is above your budget, but it will help you to prioritize your choices.

Your kitchen:

What do you like about your kitchen?
What do you dislike about your kitchen?
How often do you use your kitchen?
How many people usually work in the kitchen?
Will you need to add additional function?
Are you changing the shape of the kitchen?
Are you planning to do work yourself or hire professionals?

Counters and backsplashes:

What is your countertop material preference? (Granite, quartz, marble)
What edge type would you want? Do you need countertops that include extras? Strips, drainboard, trash chute, knife slots


Are you going to keep existing cabinets? (Repair, replace, rephrase, replace cabinets)
New cabinets will be: (custom, frameless, stock)
What is the desired finish? (Painted, wood, stainless steel, laminate)
What kind of sinks and appliances what do you want?
Are you changing all appliances?
What type of flooring do you prefer?
Do you need more storage and pantry space?

Answering all these questions will help you to organize your thoughts and prepare yourself for kitchen renovation.

Author: Natalia Illarionova |  Date Updated: Thursday, 23 July 2015  10:00 am

Top questions to answer before starting kitchen renovation