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Install Kitchen Countertops for An Island‏

Kitchen without an island is more and more rare occasion these days. An island is a multitasker – it is very convenient for multiple cooks and multitasking in the kitchen. To install kitchen countertops for an island, use the following recommendations. Sometimes, it can get complicated or tricky to install kitchen countertops for an island. […]

What Is the Difference Between Marble and Limestone

There are different materials for countertops. But certain materials are better for different areas. For example, granite and quartz are best for heavy duty kitchen countertops, marble and limestone are better for bathrooms or back splashes. Both materials are softer and more pours than granite. It is extremely important to seal these materials upon installation. […]

Countertops Pricing and Facts

There are many different countertops available in today’s market. Different factors play various roles and countertops pricing Natural Stone Statistically, natural stone has been in the most demand for many years, but it is in the higher price range. But at the same time, when you way advantages and disadvantages of other countertops, it can […]

Natural Stone Countertops

There are a lot of countertops available nowadays among natural stone countertops Natural stone countertops have been the top preference for many years There are a lot of advantages to having natural stone Cost of a natural stone countertops varies depending on the level and how rare that stone is in nature. The thickness of […]

Countertops and Backsplashes

Kitchen is one of the busiest places in homes. This is the place were a lot of daily activities are going on. As the workstation for making the food, it has to be hygienic and able to handle a lot of spills, hot pots, knives, and scratches. Countertops and backsplashes should be water resistant with […]

Kitchen Design Ideas by Countertops Experts

Have you noticed that sometimes you walk into the house and immediately impressed by the design of the kitchen? Everything just looks right, color coordinated, and matching. Would you want to design the kitchen of your dream? There are many kitchen design ideas, but pick the one that fits the lifestyle the most. Most of […]

The Best Countertops for Busy Kitchens

Pros and cons of seven common countertops There are advantages and disadvantages to different countertops. Replacing kitchen countertops can transform any kitchen. There are many options and price changes. There are different tests done to check how well countertops resisted stains, heat damage, abrasion. There are several that passed all the tests and here they […]