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5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen is the center of many family lives. This is where friends and family gather together, share precious moments, create new memories, food is made, new recipes are created. So it is not surprising that a lot of people want to create the kitchen of their dreams.

Perfect Kitchen Remodel includes some very important steps.

5 factors that should be considered for the perfect kitchen remodel

What is more important functionality or beauty of the kitchen?

First of all, the  kitchen should look great. But at the same time, it has to have functionality. If it’s thought through properly, smart layout and appliances should be the priority. Kitchen is the place where a variety of tasks should be accomplished fast and with a great results and with minimum clean-up time. So all appliances and tools used the most, should be readily available.

So the challenge is how to create an nice looking room with all the appliances and enough space for several people to cook.

If there are multiple people cooking,then the best layout is split layout where it creates a nice flow and allows people to walk by comfortably without disturbing each other. It might also be a good idea to have 2 sinks, to allow separate preparation and cleanup. A cook top should have suitable power at both the high and low ends of its heating spectrum. If there is a lot of baking involved, then convection oven is the best. The refrigerator and freezer should be also sufficient for everybody.

What  should be done first while remodeling the kitchen – cabinets, appliances or counter tops?

While beautiful kitchen is very important, but functionality is much more essential when it comes to preparing meals. Usually appliances determine the basic layout of a kitchen, so it’s a good start. A lot of times, the mistake comes when people fall in love with kitchen counter tops or granite/ quartz counter tops, and then try to find the matching appliances, and they might not want those appliances at all, as it doesn’t match their lifestyle.

Another important point is cabinets have to be installed before countertops. So if there is a plan to change countertops and cabinets, then first choice should be cabinets, because if it’s done in a different order, then  there is a chance to break or crack countertops while installing cabinets.

How to select colors for kitchen

Kitchen decor should definitely be coordinated with the rest of the area that is right by the kitchen, or at least have a nice flow from one style to another. In older home, the design was completely different, where kitchens were separated and most of the time, not even seen, but nowadays, it is one of the most social places in the house. A lot of kitchens link to the living room, so it’s important to select the right colors for kitchen what go well with the design of the home.

What kind of kitchen style do you prefer?

Once the important decision is made to remodel the kitchen and make it functional and inviting, the next good questions to ask:What kind of look do you want? Do you like traditional, contemporary or country style?

Most of the time, cabinets and countertops set the stage in the kitchen, and depending what style you prefer of colors, appliances and furniture, but all of the choices should be match and accompany the style in order to accomplish a perfect kitchen remodel.

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