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Which countertops to choose for different styles of kitchens

Once the important decision is made to remodel the kitchen and make it functional and inviting, the next good questions to ask: What kind of look do you want? Which contertops to choose? Do you like traditional, contemporary or country style?

Most of the time, cabinets and countertops set the stage in the kitchen.

Here are different styles of kitchens and the best countertops to choose for these styles

  1. Which Countertops are Best for Traditional Style

In traditional kitchens the ambiance is elegant, gracious. It can be set towards more formal style or less formal style. Most of the time the cabinets are going to be crafted from rich woods – cherry, mahogany, ivory or white. When it comes to countertop, granite, marble or quartz would go well, but granite or marble seems to be higher preference for this style. If the cabinets are light color, then picking deep green, dark beige or dark grey, or black will add richness. One of the reasons for the popularity of this gracious style is its timelessness and the fact that even if other styles come and go, traditional style always stays.

2. Which Countertops are Best for County Style

The most common styles are English country, cottage, and Victorian. Usually, traditional style will have less accessories than transitional style with warm colors creating cozy, homey atmosphere  . Some styles are still very sophisticated with very expensive granite countertops accompanied with antique furniture and antique tables and chairs.
Cottage style ranges from rustic to refined. It can be all-white scheme, or sometimes slightly worn-out look of cabinets and vintage furniture and accessories. Usually lighter colors would go well for kitchen countertops for this style.

3. Which Countertops are Best for Contemporary Style

Contemporary style has been quite popular since the end of the nineteenth century when artists, architects and designers rebelled the cluttered traditional style, and wanted more simplicity, but yet with style. As a result of a protest, the simplicity and use of natural materials started to prevail.

Soon these designs became latest cut-edge with lots of different variations. Usually contemporary style intails simplicity, clean lines, simple hardware. Natural surface materials go quite well with contemporary styles. Usually the edges of countertops would be without embellishment. Contemporary style can vary a lot depending on the taste – from very clean almost cold look to warmer version of contemporary style replaced with friendlier version of the original contemporary style. These kitchens look very stylish, appealing and inviting with lot of latest and “cool looking” attributes. Lately, it has become a very popular style. Either granite or quartz go very well with contemporary style depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

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