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Kitchen design and lighting

There are many important factors to take into consideration while designing kitchen. Kitchen design and lighting is one of them. Here are some ideas what can be done to achieve the best results while designing the kitchen.

Kitchen design and lighting makes dramatic and radical difference in how the kitchen looks

Kitchen can be fitted with the best materials and the latest appliances, but at the same time, will not look right if it is lit badly. It is the place where we cook, eat, cleanup, and socialize. So it should be one of the most efficient, cozy and pleasant rooms in the house.

If possible, try to get as much sunlight as possible. Natural light gives warmth. It creates very welcoming atmosphere. But at the same time, if the windows are too large and there is a lot of natural light, then there might be too much sunlight, and it becomes too bright. In this case consider seasonal shading byway off overhangs and trees, and install interior shades or curtains.

But at the same time, no matter how much natural light the kitchen gets, it is also important to have the right artificial light. While considering kitchen design and lighting, all kitchens especially those with open dining room and family room area will benefit from lighting that’s adjustable. Another important feature while working on kitchen design and lighting, is the color of countertops and appliances.

Lighter color countertops will reflect more light, and it will make the room look bigger. But if the kitchen is very open and gets a lot of sunlight, then even dark kitchen countertops will look great and won’t diminish the look of the area. The balance of tones and light sources makes the beautiful kitchen lit right. High ceilings usually create a feeling of a bigger room

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