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Is quartz better than granite?

Over the years in service, we at  have been asked the same old question countless times ~ Is Quartz better than Granite? Many homeowners just can not decide between the two, and we totally get it. Both countertops seem very similar, and if not for a trained set of eyes, you will mistake one for the other.  However, despite these similarities, both quartz and granite countertops have certain unique qualities. And understanding them will help you figure out the right countertop for your needs, and also if quartz is better than granite (or vice versa). 

The Appearance

We all like stylish countertops. Especially those that complement a room’s decor and add a touch of class to it. Simply put, the greater the “wow factor”, the better. So which out of quartz and granite have killer looks?  The answer to this obviously depends on preference. But out of the two, quartz offers more customizability thanks to its  Unlike a granite countertop, which is made by carving a natural slab of stone, a quartz countertop is engineered by mixing grounded quartz with resin and other polymers.

This allows the designer to have more control over the finish, especially the color distribution. So, you can expect the countertop to look just like the sample you picked.  But that can not be said for granite countertops as the stone selected for production is 100% natural and can have various shades spread across its surface, making it the go-to piece for those opting for more naturalistic looks. Browse the trending designs for both quartz and granite countertops

Durability: Is Quartz better than Granite?

Both quartz and granite are very durable materials, especially compared to other countertops in the market. However, between the two, quartz has the edge over granite countertops, mainly because of how it’s produced.  Quartz, as stated earlier, is produced by mixing quartz shards with polymers. This makes the resulting countertop very strong (almost indestructible) and impermeable. Whereas granite countertops are porous (as it’s made of natural stone) and therefore more prone to damages.  However, granite countertops are more heat resistant and less susceptible to scratches than quartz countertops. It also fades less when subjected to heat. So, if you are looking for an outdoor countertop, a granite countertop will suit you better. But if it’s overall durability you want, quartz countertops win hands down.

Maintenance and Repairs

Granite countertops are harder to maintain than quartz countertops because of their porous nature. It needs to be regularly cleaned with cleaning fluid and also be routinely sealed. An unsealed granite countertop is vulnerable to stains and damages. The pores in an unsealed granite countertop can also harbor bacteria. So, it’s better to get the countertop sealed at least twice a year. 

Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are very easy to maintain. All it needs is a quick wipe with water plus soap and you are good for the day. You need not worry much about spills as well, as it rarely keeps stains. However, despite quartz being easy maintenance, it falls short when it comes to repairs. As strong as it may be, once you chip off a quartz countertop, it’s very unlikely that it can be fixed with no telltale signs.


Generally, a quartz countertop is more expensive than a granite countertop. Prices may range from $70 to $200(per square foot) for quartz while around $50 and $180(per square foot) for granite. However, these are not fixed values as the costs can be significantly higher or lower depending on the quality of material and production process. Hence, you might find quartz as cheap as granite on the market as well. But they are usually of inferior quality.  You might have realized by now that it’s quite difficult to narrow down what the best type of countertop is. Both quartz and granite have their pros and cons, and it up to you to select what would best suit you. Regardless of your pick, we suggest you buy from a trustworthy vendor as it’s quite easy to pass low-quality products as high-end goods. If you are from around Orlando, you can contact us at Stone Spirit for a free estimate

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