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How much it cost to replace countertops?

A functional centerpiece of any kitchen or bathroom is the countertops which come at numerous materials and prices. It is vital to consider the long-term use and exposure when choosing a countertop material for your home.

Further, homeowners understand the influence of new countertops on resale value to make the potential customers more appealing to your home. But, if the countertops are stained or look outdated, it can also affect the reselling process of the home.

Cost Of Replacing or Installing a Countertop

From $30 to $100+ per square foot with fabrication and installation considered the labor cost, the expense of replacing or installing a countertop has an average of around $4000. An estimate of $4000 can be considered as the typical expense to install or replace kitchen countertops. In addition, the high-end projects have an expense of up to $10,000+ compared to average costs ranging from $3,000.

The important elements of pricing depend on a few factors. These are:

– Whether the installed surface needs removal

– Type of material

– Need for resizing according to the space

– Sealing, edging, staining, or grouting

Labor Costs for Installing Kitchen Counters

Labor cost is dependent on the difficulty of the job and the material being used for countertops. Different corners, for instance, will require extra skill and time from the contractor to ensure smooth service.

Types Of Countertop Materials and Their Cost

Quartz Countertop

Bonded with recycled glass or resins and considered an engineered stone, the popular slabs of quartz range from $2000 to $2900 per 30 square feet. The quartz countertops are considered more durable than other materials and are easy to clean, keeping your kitchen bacteria-free.

  • Granite Countertop

The granite countertops are famous for their high-end aesthetic and coloring. The average cost of granite per 30 square feet ranges from $1500 to $2800. So, if you’re looking to add an elegant touch to the kitchen counter, then granite is the best option to choose. Secondly, the natural stone is heat, chemical, scratch, and UV resistant.

  • Marble Countertop

The cool beauty and classic marble countertops are available in various options of vein and white. The average price starts from $1800 for 30 square feet and provides a delicate look to your kitchen. However, the material is not scratch-free and less durable in comparison to other options available.

  • Laminate Counters 

The most affordable option is laminate countertops. The laminate manufacturing process begins from plastic layers bonded to particleboard to create a solid surface. There are various options of laminate countertops available, like preformed counters with built-in splash and custom laminates. You can also mimic the style of marble, granite, or other pricier surfaces by using advanced printing technology on custom laminates.

Be Wise in Selection

Make sure that your decision to replace or install countertops enhances the overall look of your home. The right countertop material and color can make your home fairly versatile and neutral and make it more appealing to potential customers to purchase your house.

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