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increase value with new countertops in orlando

In today’s real estate market, investing in a home’s value increase makes financial sense and fosters pride and fulfillment. There are several ways you can increase the value of your Orlando home with new countertops. 55% of homeowners reported renovation of their homes. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling was the most popular home improvement project

How Can I Increase My Orlando Home Value with Countertops?

Contemporary Color of countertops

Contemporary Color

Countertops and contemporary color palettes are crucial for designing a beautiful, practical living area that appeals to potential purchasers. If you install contemporary colors, there is a higher chance people will love your design; therefore, it will be easier to sell at a higher price point.

Visual Appeal

Imagine if you walk in and see really old countertops; in that case, the chances are people will automatically assume that the value of your home is less. 

New kitchen and bathroom countertops are necessary because they provide both aesthetic appeal and practical advantages. Visual appeal and long-term worth can be considerably influenced by material selection.

New Design

waterfall edge countertops

The contemporary design may drastically change the kitchen and living area, enhancing its attractiveness to potential purchasers or fostering a pleasant atmosphere. For example, get a waterfall edge that is visually very appealing and connects the flow of countertops with the rest of the kitchen. 

This article will examine several countertop materials, review their advantages and disadvantages, and offer advice for choosing the best for Orlando houses. Also, it will look at current color schemes that complement various decor styles and offer suggestions on how to use them.

The countertops and contemporary color schemes described in this article can significantly raise the value of an Orlando house. It can market, rent off, or upgrade the living space.

What to Consider when Want to Increase Value with Countertops

Some crucial things need to be considered while choosing countertops for your house. By considering these factors, you may choose something that fits your budget, lifestyle, and overall kitchen design.

  • Budget
  • Cost
  • Additional costs
  • Alternatives 
  • Balancing budget & value: 

Compatibility with kitchen design

Your countertop should complement your kitchen’s overall design appeal. Think about the look and palette you want to accomplish. Granite has a natural, organic appearance that complements classic and rustic kitchen designs. Quartz has a more modern and homogeneous look, which makes it appropriate for minimalist and contemporary designs. Marble conveys sophistication and elegance, frequently complimenting a traditional or opulent kitchen design.

Modern Color Schemes 

In-home design, color is essential for establishing the mood and ambiance of a room. Contemporary color choices influence the design and feel of your Orlando house. 

The following justifies why color schemes are crucial:

  • Creating a cohesive aesthetic: A thoughtful color selection harmonizes and creates visual cohesiveness among the design components of a space. It unifies and makes an appealing appearance by tying together the walls, furniture, flooring, and accessories.
  • Setting the mood: Various hues elicit various feelings and attitudes. Cool tones like blues and greens may encourage a tranquil and restful ambiance, while warm tones like yellows, oranges, and reds foster a comfortable and energizing setting. Each room in your house can have the ideal mood created by a color scheme.
  • Enhancing architectural features: Colors may draw attention to and improve your home’s architectural elements. They can highlight certain features, highlight focus areas, or produce optical illusions. Improve the overall decor and highlight the unique characteristics of your house by thoughtfully adding color.

Popular modern countertop color schemes for Orlando homes 

Popular modern countertop color schemes for Orlando homes 

Choose a compelling countertop color scheme. If people love the color scheme you choose, then it also increases the value of your home, as more people would likely want to purchase it.

Numerous current color schemes for Orlando houses can improve the elegance and allure of your interiors. Here is a well-liked option:

Neutral color scheme

  • Beige, grey, and white tones: A neutral color scheme uses neutral hues like beige, grey, and white. These colors offer a simple, classic, and adaptable background that lets other design components stand out. They give spaces a feeling of openness and spaciousness, making them look bigger and cozier.
  •  Versatility and timeless appeal: The adaptability of a neutral color scheme is one of its main benefits. Neutrals go well with many accent colors, patterns, and textures, making it simple to alter a space’s appearance and atmosphere without significant changes. Also, neutral color choices ensure that your house looks fashionable for years since they have a timeless charm that defies trends.
  • A neutral color palette: gives your Orlando home a blank canvas on which other design elements may shine. You may experiment with various textures, patterns, and accent colors to make a unique and beautiful room.

Bold and vibrant color scheme

  • Incorporating bright accent colors: Strong, bright colors are encouraged to be used throughout the room in a bold and dynamic color scheme. Bright accent colors like electric blue, blazing red, sunny yellow, or brilliant green can create this. These accents may be added to accent walls, artwork, accessories, or furniture.
  • Creating a lively and energetic atmosphere: A space is given life and personality by the intense and brilliant color palette, which results in a dynamic and exciting atmosphere. These hues can inspire sentiments of delight, passion, and inventiveness. They are effective where you want to establish a focal point or make a strong statement.

Monochromatic color scheme

  • Different shades of a single color: Using several tints and hues of one color creates a monochromatic color scheme. Choose varied grey tones, such as gentle dove grey to rich charcoal, or different shades of blue, such as light sky blue to deep navy. Without competing hues, this results in a unified and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Achieving a harmonious and cohesive look: A monochromatic color palette may help you create a sense of harmony and cohesion in a room. Several tones of the same hue are used to create depth and dimension to maintain a consistent and aesthetically acceptable appearance. This color combination creates a calming and elegant ambiance in modern, minimalist decor.

Choosing the suitable color scheme for each room

When choosing a color palette, consider the precise purpose and ambiance you want for each area in your Orlando home. Here are some ideas for various rooms:


  • Bright and inviting colors: A warm and pleasant atmosphere may be created in the kitchen, which is frequently the center of the house. Consider using hues like bright oranges, vibrant yellows, or calming greens to infuse the area with energy.
  • Complementary color accents: Use complementary accents to provide visual intrigue and depth. For instance, if your color scheme is primarily yellow, add accents of blue or purple using ornamental objects, backsplash tiles, or accessories.

Living room

  • Neutral base with pops of color: A neutral color palette in the living room provides a flexible backdrop that enables you to add pops of color through furniture, artwork, and fabrics. Use a basis of neutral colors like beige, grey, or white, and then add highlights of vivid colors like turquoise, coral, or mustard yellow.
  • Coordinating furniture and accessories: Make sure your furniture and accessories match the color scheme used for the entire space. This produces a unified appearance and avoids any conflicts or visual interruptions. For further visual appeal, think about patterns and textures that incorporate the colors of your selected color scheme.


  • Calming and soothing colors: Bedrooms need to be peaceful, relaxing spaces. Use soft hues like pale blues, subdued greens, or lavender to create a quiet atmosphere. These hues encourage serenity and assist you in winding down at the end of the day.
  • Creating a relaxing ambiance: To make the space more calming, choose cool colors and add soft textures to your bedding and drapes. To create various moods, layer your lighting, using task lighting for reading and warm ambient lighting to feel snug.

Implementing color schemes effectively

When using them in your Orlando house, it’s essential to consider many design factors and ensure that color schemes have a harmonious and balanced visual impact. Here are some tips to help you successfully integrate color schemes:

Paint to Complement Countertops

  • Choose the right paint colors: Consider the undertones, intensity, and saturation of the various paint colors when selecting ones that go well together. Examine several samples to observe how they appear in different lighting conditions.
  •  Use accent walls strategically: Bold or brilliant colors may be incorporated into a room without overpowering the space by using accent walls. Choose a feature wall or fireplace to serve as the room’s main point, and paint it with an accent color that goes well with the rest of the color scheme.

Incorporating colors through furniture and decor

  • Select furniture with coordinating colors: Choose pieces that complement or match the primary hues in your color scheme. This may be done through the wood treatments, cushions, or upholstery. This gives the space a unified appearance and connects everything.
  • Textiles and accessories: Use fabrics like toss pillows, carpets, and drapes to introduce color. These components are simple to replace or update, enabling you to tweak the color scheme without substantial modifications, including ornamental pieces, plants, and pieces of art that bring color and enhance the look.

Balancing colors and textures

  • Consider contrasting textures: A place gains depth and visual appeal when colors and textures are balanced. Match glossy finishes with matte surfaces or smooth surfaces with rough textures. The overall design is improved, and the textural contrast keeps the color palette from seeming bland.
  • Create focal points: Carefully use color to establish emphasis points in space. Choose colors that stand out against the rest of the room to emphasize particular sections or architectural details. This gives the area a dynamic aspect and adds aesthetic intrigue.


Making an informed decision about new countertops requires considering budget, lifestyle, and compatibility with kitchen design. Countertops and color schemes are essential for increasing Orlando’s home value.

Mood-setting, highlighting architectural elements, and adding to the overall aesthetic are crucial for a unified and aesthetically attractive home design. Choose hues that complement your particular style and the purpose of each area.

Color schemes may be efficiently executed by carefully choosing paint colors, strategically employing accent walls, and combining colors through furniture and accessories. The design gives depth and intrigue by balancing colors and textures and establishing focal points. If you are looking to increase the value of your home with new countertops in Orlando, contact Stone Spirit today! 

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