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Granite Countertops in Orlando - Pros and Cons

Granite Countertops in Orlando Pros and Cons

When you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the Orlando and Central Florida region, one of the most vital design choices is selecting the right countertop material. Countertops are both functional necessities and aesthetic showpieces in any home, so picking the perfect surface is key. Two exceptional options to consider are natural granite and engineered quartz countertops. Below, we’ll explore some of the benefits and downsides of installing gorgeous granite countertops in your Orlando home.

Alluring Benefits And Pros of Granite Countertops

Gleaming granite brings several alluring advantages as a countertop material:

Timeless, Exotic Elegance

Few materials can equal the rich, timeless elegance of natural granite. With eye-catching swirls and colors crafted over eons, no two granite slabs are ever identical. Adding gorgeous granite countertops infuses any kitchen or bathroom with a unique, luxurious style.

Incredible Toughness

Harder than steel, rugged granite is one of the toughest natural stones in existence. Properly sealed granite countertops easily withstand decades of intensive regular use. They resist scratches, stains, and impacts and even heat up to 1000°F remarkably well. With basic care, your gorgeous granite countertops will stay glorious for generations in your Orlando home.

Dazzling Diversity of Hues

Granite boasts a kaleidoscopic spectrum from pearly whites to gem-tone greens, rich golds, crimson reds, and dramatic midnight blacks. Orlando shops like Stones Spirit INC. offer thousands of unique granite hues and patterns to match any style.

Excellent Resale Value

Increasingly popular amongst buyers, natural stone countertops like granite boost home values. The unparalleled durability and eye-catching elegance make gorgeous granite countertops an excellent investment in your Orlando home.

Eco-Friendly Origins

Natural granite formed over eons without human help. The green, low-energy quarrying and manufacturing processes reflect granite’s intrinsic environmental sustainability. Compared to engineered quartz, granite treads are far lighter on our planet.

Cons of Granite

Pricey Initial Outlay

Top-quality granite costs more upfront than laminate or concrete options. But over decades of daily use, gorgeous granite’s unabashed advantages justify the initial investment. And current prices run neck and neck with engineered quartz alternatives.

Care and Maintenance Essential

Porous natural granite requires conscientious upkeep. Homeowners should seal granite annually, quickly clean spills before absorption, and use cutting boards to prevent scratching. But no special cleaners are necessary. With proper care, your gorgeous granite countertops will stay glorious for life.

Potential for Damage

While incredibly durable, even granite can rarely chip from excessive impacts or long-term settlement cracks. However, reputable fabricators offer warranties and can smoothly repair minor defects. Avoid sitting on counters or placing extra-heavy hot items directly on granite surfaces, just in case.

Limited by Nature

As a natural material, granite depends on limited geological processes. Extraordinary granite varieties will inevitably become rarer and pricier over decades as supplies shrink. But there remain plentiful color and pattern options to suit almost anyone presently.

Quartz offers alternative advantages over Granite

Granite Countertops in Orlando - alternative to granite

Uniformly Perfection

Engineered from crushed minerals and resins, quartz flaunts reliably uniform colors and patterns batch after batch. The consistent composition and resistance to visible scratches or burning keep quartz looking like new year after year.

Rocklike Resilience

The durable resin-binding quartz particles create exceptional damage resistance, meeting strict performance certification standards. Most brands offer 10-15-year warranties protecting against cracks or chips. For carefree durability, quartz can’t be beaten.

Breezy Maintenance

Non-porous integrated resins mean quartz almost never needs sealing, unlike natural stone. For most homeowners, occasional soap and water cleanings are wholly sufficient. Quartz delivers virtually worry-free functionality and beauty.

Bespoke Customization

With myriad colors and integrated sink/backsplash options, quartz enables more personalized kitchen or bathroom visions. You can handpick colors and configurations that better match your unique tastes.
But engineered quartz also has some potential precautions worth weighing:

Less Visually Distinctive

The fabricated blended composition of quartz means fewer dramatically unique color and pattern variations. While still quite attractive, quartz lacks the exotic visual dimensionality that only natural stone, like granite, provides.

Bigger Upfront Investment

Long-term durability comes at a higher initial price. Installed quartz countertops run $70-100+ per square foot, over twice as costlier than laminate. But proper installation is crucial with any countertop material.

Heat Tolerance Limits

Despite great resilience, direct, sustained heat above 150°C can gradually damage quartz surfaces. You’ll need to exercise some caution and use hot pads around ovens or cooktops to prevent discoloration or cracks.

Perfection Needs Manufacturing

While quartz exceeds granite’s performance in many respects, some homeowners still prefer completely natural stone for aesthetic and philosophical reasons. Granite undeniably channels primordial, raw geological beauty.

Ultimately, choosing new kitchen or bathroom countertops for your Orlando home requires carefully weighing your priorities. Schedule an in-person consultation at Stones Spirit INC. to inspect material samples firsthand. Their knowledgeable staff will answer every question while providing accurate quotes for installing your favored material. Bring room measurements and photos to help estimate required slab sizes and visualization. Closely comparing all countertop options ensures selecting the perfect surface that matches both your lifestyle and design vision.

Comparison Tables Between Materials

For quick visual overviews, here are some helpful tables contrasting costs, durability, maintenance, and other factors between popular Orlando countertop materials.

Granite vs Quartz Countertop Comparison

Category Granite Quartz
Cost (Installed per Square Foot) $50-150 $70-120+
Durability Excellent, but can rarely chip Extremely durable, resists cracks
Heat Tolerance 500°F+ sustained 150°C sustained max
Scratch Resistance Good overall Extremely resilient
Stain Resistance Good when properly sealed Non-porous, excellent resistance
Upkeep and Maintenance Annual sealing required Very low maintenance
Visual Appearance Strikingly unique stone patterns Consistent uniform manmade appearance
Customization Range Many color/pattern options Wide range of colors/configurations
Resale Value Boost Significant value increase Moderate value increase

Countertop Cost Comparison Estimates

Material Average Price Installed Per Square Foot
Laminate $25-60
Porcelain Tile $30-100
Concrete $50-125
Granite $50-150
Quartz $70-120+
Marble $70-150+
Soapstone $70-125

Countertop Property Comparison

Material Durability Heat Tolerance Stain Resistance Scratch Resistance Maintenance Needs
Granite Excellent, minor risk of chips 500°F+ sustained Good when sealed Moderate / Good Annual sealing
Quartz Extremely durable 150°C sustained max Non-porous, Excellent Excellent Very low
Marble Poor stains/etches easily Low heat tolerance Low, very porous Low resistance High maintenance
Soapstone Good Moderate heat only High natural resistance Moderate / Good Periodic sealing
Concrete Prone to cracking Low heat tolerance Prone to stains Low resistance Regular resealing

With this exhaustive information, you can confidently move forward in selecting the perfect countertop surface to match your lifestyle vision during your Orlando kitchen or bathroom remodel. Don’t hesitate to contact Stones Spirit INC. for any other questions!

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