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Frequently Asked Questions about Granite and Granite Countertops

Why choose granite?

Granite is one of the options for countertop surfaces. It is a natural stone also known as “fire rocks” which were formed by slowly cooling pockets of magma that were trapped beneath the earth’s surface. If polished and sealed, it’s high-gloss finish will withstand even in harsh environments. These characteristics are ideal for countertops and flooring making granite a reliable stone for these applications.

Can hot pots be placed directly on granite?

Is a natural stone and will tolerate temperatures in excess of 1200 F. Plus there is no resin, so it will not stain the granite if hot pans are left on top. You can safely place items from your oven/stove top or grill directly on the granite without a pad. The only warning, since glass can crack with fast temperature changes, it is not recommended to put hot dishes onto cold granite.

If a cold drink left on the granite, will it stain?

If there is a temperature difference, and the drink is cold, it will “sweat” creating moisture on the outside of the glass. So if the glass is left on the stone for a long time, the moisture from the glass might penetrate into the granite. Remove the glass, wipe off the excess water and let it dry. The moisture spot should disappear in several hours.

Can granite countertop be used as a cutting board?

Yes, but it is not recommended. It would be very hard to scratch it with the regular knife, but still not recommended to use it right on granite.

Schedule a consultation with the professional design center before making the final decision and have all your questions answered.

Should granite be sealed? Is there an extra charge?

It is a natural stone and it is porous, so if it’s not properly sealed, same as any other natural stone, it will absorb what’s on the surface. Stone Spirit seals every granite countertop. It comes with one-year sealer, but it can always be upgraded to 15-year sealer for a very low cost.

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