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Granite surfaces can be finished in various ways. They can be polished, honed, flamed, brushed etc. Depending which technique is used, it will add its own unique look and texture to the stone.

Polished finish is the most common technique that is used, and it gives the stone a distinct and elegant look. This is a great choice for kitchens. Polished finish brings out the sparkle of the stone and makes all colors stand out more. This finish is also easy to maintain.

Honed finish is becoming more and more popular.

Honed finish is smooth, but less shiny than polished finish. It gives less shimmering appearance, and has more contemporary look, but still maintaining the elegance look. But this type of finish requires more maintenance, and there are also different sealers and treatments that help maintain the beauty of the stone, so it will help you keep your granite stain free.

Flamed finish is a perfect choice if the surface needs to be textured and slip resistant. Flamed look accomplished by exposing granite to extremely high heat and then immediately followed by intense cooling. This type of exposure to extreme temperatures leaves granite with textured surfaces. This type of finish can be used in different industrial environments, as well as at home.

Brushed finish gives granite more dramatic look. This type of finish gives a textured satin smooth look. It is achieved by carefully brushing the surface of the granite. It can be a good choice for both industrial and home design looks.

Leathered This finish mostly applied with dark-colored stones and results with rough look.

This specialty finish is most commonly applied to dark-colored granite and results in a rough, “river-washed appearance“ that is reminiscent of leather material. Lacking any kind of shine, leathered granite is known for hiding fingerprints and smudges well. Leathered granite should be cleaned daily with a granite cleaner and microfiber cloth. It can also be polished with a granite polish to reduce the absorbency.

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