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Small space requires careful planning and creativity. Every single inch has to be very efficient. Either the kitchen is the gallery style or an irregular shape, choosing the right places for appliances and designing countertop space is extremely important.

Designs for small kitchen countertops require much more attention and thoughtful planning

Small kitchens need to be very efficient. But the best small kitchen designs can actually outperform the bigger kitchens if they are planned the right way. Not only the countertop space but also work and storage spaces are essential. The monochromatic color scheme creates a seamless space. Natural light gives the feel of more openness, and the kitchen seems larger. The choice of white paint for cabinets and also the white color for countertops for the trim gallery kitchen makes it lighter and seem larger.

It is useful to know that white color reflects about 80% of the available light. For the trim gallery kitchen, it would be better to have corner tops along both sides. It will give enough storage space and also a prep space for cooking. If the corner is available to place the sink, it is usually the best use of space.

Designs for small kitchen countertops vary. Placing a small countertop island can give extra space in the kitchen. And a lot of times this kind of countertop can divide the kitchen from the dining area providing easy access from either side. Single color for cabinetry unifies the space, and it seems that it is larger. But at the same time picking a different color for kitchen countertops can create a nice contrast.

So if the design for small kitchen countertops is picked correctly and placed in the right areas in the kitchen, it can be extremely functional and efficient. And a lot of times those kitchens are even more efficient than larger kitchens.

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