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Kitchen Remodel – Countertops

Kitchen Remodel Orlando Kitchen remodel Orlando – Why you should get Stone Spirit to do it? Countertops are a main component of the kitchen. Without countertops, it will be a lot more difficult to do certain different tasks of the kitchen or cooking. Countertops are used for bathroom i.e. on or near the faucet. Countertops […]

Kitchen Countertops in Orlando

Kitchen Countertops in Orlando Stone Spirit is the leading fabricator and installer of the kitchen countertops in Orlando area. There are many companies available, but not many share the same outstanding reputation as Stone Spirit. Get a hassle-free experience with Stone Spirit so that you can have the countertops of your dreams! At Stone Spirit, […]

Countertop Edges

There are many choices of Countertop Edges GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Countertop Edges – edge shape the granite is cut. While purchasing the countertop, the first big choice is the color of the stone, and then the edge profile. Although, some standard edges are included in the square-foot or lineal-foot price of the countertop. […]

Best Company for Countertops in Orlando

  Best Company for Countertops in Orlando Stone Spirit is the top fabricator and installer of countertops in the state of Florida. There are many companies today that do not share the same outstanding reputation as Stone Spirit. Choose the best Company for Countertops in Orlando. Get a hassle-free experience with Stone Spirit so that […]

Quartz Countertops Orlando – Ideas

Quartz Countertops Orlando Quartz countertops are man-made. Because of this, there are many benefits. For example, the counters’ designs, shapes, and styles can be altered, modified, and engineered. Generally, natural stones only come in their natural form and color. Since quartz is manufactured artificially, you can choose which style or design suits your style, design, […]

Kitchen Remodel Orlando

Kitchen Remodel Orlando Kitchen remodel Orlando – the kitchen is an important part of one’s home. Kitchen is not just where you cook food, but also a place to come together, gather around and bond over food. No wonder people invest so much in making their kitchen look wonderful. But let’s be honest. When your […]

Cambria Countertops

Cambria countertops Are you looking for a stunning countertop for your kitchen? If yes then, nothing can be better than Cambria Countertops. When you get Cambria Countertops for your kitchen, you are going to make an investment. It is definitely worth it. Not only you are going to have a beautiful kitchen, but you also […]

Silestone in Orlando Florida

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Silestone in Orlando Looking for the perfect company that offers Silestone countertops in the Orlando area? Finding a place that offers the countertops is one thing, but finding a good, reliable place to install them for you is another. Stone Spirit is the perfect company that provides both amazing countertops […]

What are the Granite Types Finishes?

Granite surfaces can be finished in various ways. They can be: polished honed flamed brushed Depending on which technique is used, it will add its own unique look and texture to the stone. Polished finish Polished finish is the most common technique that is used, and it gives the stone a distinct and elegant look. […]

Can granite countertops add value to my home

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Most people don’t realize that when granite countertops installed, it is already hundreds or thousands years old, and it can easily last another thousand of years. Granite countertops are extremely beautiful and impressive. New countertops add value, elegance, and style to your home and workplace. Granite is tough, stain and […]

Quartz Countertops – Kitchen & Bathroom

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Quartz Countertops In the last couple of years, quartz countertops in Orlando have become one of the most sought-after options for homeowners seeking to redefine their kitchen. By simply replacing your laminate countertop with a quartz countertop, you turn the regular kitchen into the stunning one. Aside from the fact […]

Quartz Counters

Why choose quartz counters? Quartz counters has become very popular now. Quartz is one of the best options for countertop surfaces. Can hot pots be placed directly on quartz counters? Is a durable counter and can handle a lot of use. But it is best to avoid put very hot pots on the surface. It […]

How to Select the Right Color of Granite

How to Select the Right Color of Granite? Selecting the right granite countertop color is a personal and ultimately long-lasting decision. In the past, granite selections were limited to local quarries, but in today’s world, the selection is much wider, as we have access to worldwide quarries. While choosing granite, everything matters – pattern, color, […]

Frequently Asked Questions – Quartz, Granite

Frequently Asked Questions: Quartz or Granite Why some countertops are more expensive than others? There are different levels of countertop materials. The price of quartz or granite depends on its rarity, pattern, colors, and availability of that material. There are many manufacturers of quartz. Depending on the quality and color, the price point varies. When […]

How to Select the Right Countertops Color?

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! How to Select the Right Countertops Color? Selecting the proper countertops color is a very important decision, but sometimes, it can be challenging. The variety of colors that are available today might seem overwhelming, but at the same time, there are some guidelines that can help make the right decision. […]

What is Quartzite?

GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! What is Quartzite? Quartzite is a decorative stone. It may cover walls, roofing tiles, flooring, and stair steps. Its use for countertops in kitchens is expanding rapidly. It is harder and more resistant to stains than granite. Uses Crushed quartzite is hard and angular. Therefore, it is railway ballast. The […]