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One of the major parts of a well designed kitchen is the right countertop designs. It is important to coordinate the work area in the traffic area in the kitchen, and sometimes it is one of the biggest challenges of a well-designed kitchen.

Here are some important factors to consider in a well-coordinated countertop designs

Either when the kitchen is spacious or small, the flow of traffic within the same area should be an important consideration while designing the kitchen.

For example, a triangle in the kitchen is very efficient and spacious way to create both the inside work area and the outside traffic area. Most of the time it is divided by a countertop island. These type of countertop designs keep the traffic away from the work area.

Another well designed idea for this kind of layout is a raised countertop area for eating, but a lower countertop area for working. It gives a nice visual look, and at the same time separates two areas, and also blocks the working space. It is a very convenient and great layout. It also blocks the view of possible mess while cooking in the kitchen and creates nice and clean look visually.
Almost a perfect triangle in the kitchen is the preferred layout, and it allows to move around the kitchen in just a few steps. If the countertop island can be in the middle of the kitchen, these are also great countertop designs, as it allows everybody to access the kitchen from any side, and traffic can be routed to either side of the kitchen.

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