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Countertop Trends 2023: Guide To New Countertops in Orlando FL

Kitchen and bathroom countertops see tons of action daily. From meal prep to cleaning to setting down car keys, they endure it all. So it’s no wonder homeowners in Orlando seek to update their worn and dated countertops. Have you been looking for new countertops Orlando offers? But what countertop trends in Orlando reign supreme in 2023 for modernizing your home? This guide will overview popular countertop colors, designs, materials, features, and more to know this year. Let’s dive into the need-to-know intel for investing in new countertops in Orlando, FL!

Looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom with new countertops in Orlando? You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to natural stone countertops like granite, marble, and quartzite. A high-quality fabricator can help you pick the perfect slab for your home. Granite remains popular for its durability and stain resistance. If you want something really eye-catching, go for a bold quartzite pattern.

The marble looks elegant but requires more maintenance. An experienced installer can fabricate and seamlessly install your engineered stone or natural granite countertop. For bathrooms, homeowners often prefer Quartz for its low-maintenance and sleek appearance. Be sure to get a free estimate from a reputable residential and commercial countertop company before remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. They should provide great customer service and quality workmanship.

Modern Colors and Designs for Kitchens and Bathrooms

When selecting new countertops in Orlando, color and design are two major factors guiding choices. Neutral hues like white and gray remain popular picks in 2023. However, bolder tones are also emerging for those seeking to make a statement. Unique patterns and textures are trending, too, rather than just flat slab surfaces. Here’s an overview of some top color and design trends for countertops this year.

  • Black countertops – What was once taboo is now taking over! Deeper shades like black, charcoal, and even navy blue counters are hot for dramatic contrast. These darker hues pair beautifully with light cabinets and walls to create striking color-blocking visuals. Matte black finishes are particularly on-trend, offering an ultra-modern vibe.
  • Quartz patterns – Engineered quartz counters now mimic natural stone and concrete with more convincing realism. Floral, geometric, sandstone and other patterns add organic visual interest. Quartz manufacturers like Caesarstone and Silestone lead the way yearly with unique new patterned offerings.
  • Metallic accents – Metallic finishes add a glamorous, vintage accent to countertops. Mixed metal, chrome, and copper stand out against white colors. Yet it’s still a subtle approach, with metallics used sparingly through counter edges or mini tile accents.
  • Terrazzo design – The terrazzo trend is moving to countertops too! Originally for flooring, terrazzo’s speckled style is created by bits of marble or other recycled materials in concrete. This handcrafted look offers one-of-a-kind vibes.

Popular Choices for New Countertops in Orlando

With so many options for countertop materials, which are most popular for 2023 remodels in Orlando? Here’s a look at countertop choices currently in demand.

  • Quartz – This engineered stone has become a staple choice for countertops. Made of ground Quartz and resin, it’s highly durable and low-maintenance. The variety of colors and patterns make Quartz a versatile option too. Brands like Caesarstone, Silestone, and Viatera are quartz leaders.
  • Granite – Classic granite still retains fans, though Quartz has provided serious competition lately. Granite’s natural beauty with unique stone patterns and swirls remains attractive. But it requires more maintenance than quartz. Granite works best for those seeking a timeless, traditional look.
  • Marble – Long used for opulent bathrooms, marble is expanding to kitchens too. The soft veining and glossy white finish is gorgeous. Yet marble is quite porous and prone to staining. It works best for low-use spaces or when sealed properly.
  • Concrete – For an industrial modern look, concrete’s gaining fans. The color can be tinted and polished into a sleek, durable surface. Yet concrete is susceptible to etching from acids. Caring properly for concrete counters is crucial.
  • Butcher block – Wood counters offer a warm, natural feel that’s timeless. Butcher block made of wood strips adds beautiful grain patterns. But it requires diligent re-sealing to prevent water damage or bacteria growth. Wood counters work best for low-moisture prep zones.

Trending Countertop Materials in Orlando

Butcher Block Countertops

Beyond the classics, here are some emerging countertop materials to consider for a unique look:

  • Paper composite – Believe it or not, counters made of paper are growing popular! Thick sheets of paper are compressed with resin for a durable, eco-friendly surface. Ricerca makes PaperStone counters from recycled paper and cardboard
  • Recycled glass – For sparkly, eco-friendly style, opt for counters containing bits of recycled glass. Companies like Vetrazzo and IceStone use recycled glass mixed into concrete for glimmering custom surfaces.
  • Soapstone – Mined in Brazil, this ultra-smooth talc rock has a matte grayish-green hue. Although softer than granite or Quartz, it won’t etch from acids. Soapstone is naturally antibacterial too.
  • Reclaimed wood – Old barn boards and other weathered woods are refinished into rustic-chic counters. These unique reclaimed wood surfaces add tons of character via natural distressing and stains.

Emerging Countertop Design Trends in Orlando

Beyond just material and color choices, some exciting new counter-design trends are emerging that add form and function:

  • Curved edges – Forget the standard 90-degree angle seams! Curved countertop edges are softer and more fluid visually. They work especially well paired with rounded sinks or cooktops for a cohesive look.
  • Ledger panels – Mixed material counters are hot, like combining a ledger panel of reclaimed wood with Quartz. This adds contrasting color and texture. Ledger panels work great below the counter surface as an accent.
  • Waterfall edges – Counters that “waterfall” over the cabinetry beneath make a striking statement. Extra support braces are required underneath overhangs. Illuminating these waterfall edges, then spotlight them even further.
  • Wraparound design – Counter surfaces now cover not just the top area but wrap down the sides, too, for more durability and seamlessness. Full wraparound counters are a great choice behind sinks or other wet areas prone to damage.
  • Inset drainboards – Drainboards move from external add-ons to the inset right into the counter. These integrated drainboards offer a handy space near sinks to air dry dishes or set down wet items.

Countertop Color Trends in Orlando

While neutral tones stay popular, vibrant colors are emerging, too, for counters! Here are some hot hues for countertops in 2023:

  • Forest green – Deep green shades reminiscent of lush forests make a dramatic yet earthy statement. Green offers a refreshing change from conventional counters.
  • Navy blue – What works on walls works on counters too! Navy blue makes a big visual impact. Pair with light cabinets for a crisp contrast.
  • Earth tones – Natural earthen hues like beige, brown, taupe, and greige (grey/beige) provide a subtle, neutral palette. These colors complement wood cabinetry and rustic or farmhouse styles.
  • Black – Black countertops are having a major moment! They create a slick, modern look alongside lighter walls and cabinetry. Matte black finishes are especially sleek.
  • Bold patterns – Busy granite-like patterns and designs in materials like Quartz steal the spotlight. These striking printed counters make for an eclectic, artsy statement.

Innovative Countertop Features in Orlando

Innovative Countertop Features in Orlando

Beyond just culinary zones, counters are now integrating more features for added convenience:

  • Built-in charging – Cutting-edge counters might incorporate built-in electrical outlets or wireless chargers to power up phones and other devices right at the counter.
  • Touchscreen controls – High-tech counters could include integrated smartphone-style touchscreens to control lighting, music, appliances, or security systems in the kitchen.
  • Glass display – Some counters incorporate transparent glass sections that illuminate to showcase decorative items or glassware collections within the counter itself.
  • Recycling centers – Declutter countertops by installing an integrated recycling center within the counter to divert and conceal paper, bottles, cans, and other recyclables.
  • Extra prep space – Additional counter space can be added through pull-out extenders, flip-up sections, or inserts. More generous prep areas prevent clutter.

Choose Suppliers of Countertops Who are Always Upgrading and Updating Colors

With countertop trends changing rapidly, be sure suppliers stay current with the newest options. Here are signs a countertop company keeps up with the times:

  • They showcase the latest designs like curved edges or dual materials
  • There’s a wide range of current colors and patterns available.
  • They offer emerging materials like recycled glass and paper composite.
  • Their website showcases real projects using trendy styles and hues.
  • They attend industry shows to discover the newest countertop innovations.
  • There are frequent new additions to their countertop product lines.
  • Store displays are updated regularly with trending finishes and touches.
  • Employees seem knowledgeable about what’s trending in the countertop world.

Suppliers like Stones Spirit Inc., who proactively update their offerings and tastes, make achieving a stylish, modern look easier. Set up consultations with a few area countertop companies to compare their different offerings and get a feel for their aesthetics. Be sure to ask what new styles or materials they’ve recently introduced too.

7 Factors to Consider When Selecting New Countertops in Orlando

Beyond just aesthetics, several key factors should guide your countertop purchase:

  1. Budget – What countertop styles are affordable for your project? Get quotes on a few different materials to compare pricing.
  2. Longevity – How durable and damage-resistant is the material? Lifespan varies based on your countertop choice.
  3. Maintenance – Consider regular care required, like annual sealing or avoiding harsh cleansers that can etch certain surfaces
  4. .Use frequency – Is it a heavily used kitchen prep zone or a more occasional guest bathroom? Pick a material suited for wear and tear in that specific area.
  5. Moisture resistance – Bathrooms and sinks require materials that can withstand water exposure without warping or growing mold.
  6. Stain resistance – Are cooks in the home prone to spills that can permanently stain surfaces like marble? How easily the material is stained or etched matters.
  7. Eco-friendliness – Using recycled glass, reclaimed wood, or other eco-options is sustainable.
  8. Heat tolerance – Counters around stoves and ovens must hold up to hot cookware without burning or cracking.

Doing some homework on your options will ensure you select the ideal countertop visually and functionally. Ask suppliers detailed questions too about the practical pros and cons of different materials.

Comparing Granite and Quartz New Countertops in Orlando

Granite vs. Quartz is a key decision for natural stone versus engineered stone. How do these two top contenders compare for countertops in Orlando?

  • Cost – Quartz is typically more affordable, around $75 per square foot installed. Granite averages $85-150 per square foot. But unique granite varieties can be pricier.
  • Durability – Quartz’s resin binder makes it extra tough. Granite can crack if hit very hard. But both are quite durable overall.
  • Bacteria resistance – Quartz resists bacteria growth better than porous granite.
  • Stain resistance – Neither easily stains, but spills must be wiped up fast. Granite can absorb stains over time.
  • Heat tolerance – Granite’s more resistant to heat damage from hot pans.
  • Maintenance – Quartz is basically maintenance-free. Granite needs periodic sealing.
  • Colors/patterns – Granite has more variation, but Quartz now mimics it well. Quartz offers unlimited colors.
  • Sustainability – Quartz contains high amounts of recycled materials. Granite is natural, but mining it raises some environmental concerns.

Overall, Quartz’s winning combination of lower maintenance with more diversity of colors and patterns at a better price point makes it the frontrunner for many. Yet granite still appeals to its traditional elegance. Consider your own priorities when weighing granite versus Quartz.

8 Benefits of Quartz Countertops in Orlando

Benefits of Quartz Countertops in Orlando

Why is Quartz the darling of today’s countertop scene? Here’s a quick rundown of some of Quartz’s winning perks:

  1. Durability – Quartz stands up impressively to heavy daily use from cooking, cleaning, kids’ antics, and more. The resin binding minimizes damage risk.
  2. Zero sealing needed – Unlike natural stone, Quartz never needs sealing to protect the surface. This saves effort and expense down the road.
  3. Resists stains/scratches – Spills wipe cleanly off Quartz rather than soak in. The surface resists scratches and cuts too.
  4. Low maintenance – Aside from wiping up spills promptly, Quartz needs very little maintenance overall other than an occasional basic cleaning.
  5. Mold/mildew resistant – The nonporous surface leaves nowhere for mold or mildew to take hold. This makes quartz ideal for bathrooms.
  6. Warmer feel – Despite its stone-like look, Quartz lacks the cold feel of granite or marble. The resin binding makes Quartz warmer.
  7. Affordable – For the quality and durability provided, Quartz offers great value, starting at around $75 per square foot installed.
  8. Endless customization – With myriad colors, patterns, and edges, it’s easy to design unique quartz counters that match your taste and decor.

Wrap Up

Replacing tired countertops with fresh modern styles is an exciting endeavor with endless options from colors to materials to edge profiles. Keep these 2023 countertop trends in mind as you explore designs and materials that speak to your own lifestyle and taste. Do your homework regarding pricing tiers, maintenance needs, and durability factors too when selecting new counters.

You can achieve a truly up-to-date look by understanding what’s trending in countertops and choosing suppliers fluent in the latest offerings. Your new countertops are sure to be a stunning centerpiece whether cooking, primping, or just admiring their classic beauty. Don’t settle for lackluster countertops stuck in the past.

When selecting new countertops in Orlando, you have to decide between natural stones like granite or engineered products like Quartz. Both have their advantages. Granite offers unparalleled beauty with unique natural patterns. But Quartz is virtually maintenance-free and resistant to stains and scratches. A professional fabricator can help you determine which material suits your lifestyle and design aesthetic best. Visit a few showrooms to view slabs in person. And don’t be afraid to mix materials! Put a marble on your kitchen island for a pop of color, and use hardy quartz counters for the rest. With an experienced installer like Stones Spirit Inc., you can get the high-quality custom countertops of your dreams. Be sure to get quotes from different companies before your Orlando kitchen or bath remodel. And go for a fabricator that offers strong customer satisfaction guarantees. New countertops should last for years when properly installed.


Q: What are the countertop trends for 2023?

A: The countertop trends for 2023 include granite countertops, kitchen countertops, marble countertops, natural stone, quartz countertops, and quartzite.

Q: Where can I buy new countertops in Orlando?

A: Countertops Orlando offers a wide selection of countertop options in Orlando and the surrounding area.

Q: What are the benefits of granite countertops?

A: Granite countertops are durable, heat-resistant, and visually appealing. They add value to your kitchen or bathroom remodel and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Q: Can I get a free estimate for countertop installation?

A: Stones Spirit Inc. Countertops Orlando provides free estimates for countertop installation.

Q: What is the quality of marble countertops?

A: Stones Spirit Inc. Countertops Orlando offers high-quality marble countertops that are elegant and timeless.

Q: Do you offer stone fabrication services?

A: Yes, Stones Spirit Inc.Countertops Orlando has expertise in stone fabrication and can customize countertops according to your specifications.

Q: Are quartz countertops available in Orlando?

A: Stones Spirit Inc.Countertops Orlando offers a wide selection of quartz countertops in various colors and styles.

Q: Where can I find the best quality new countertops in Orlando?

A: Stones Spirit Inc. is known for providing the best quality countertops in the Orlando area.

Q: Can you install granite countertops in my kitchen?

A: Yes, Stones Spirit Inc. in Orlando specializes in installing granite countertops for kitchen remodels.

Q: Do you serve the Central Florida region?

A: We provide countertop installation services in Orlando and Central Florida.

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