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5 Quartz Countertops Ideas in Orlando

It can be quite difficult to pick the perfect countertop for your kitchen due to all the different countertop designs out there. The countertop you choose needs to support and amplify your kitchen decor, and picking one will harm your kitchen’s outlook. So how would you go about picking the best countertop for your kitchen?
One way of doing it is by looking into countertops that are both stylish and flexible in design, such as quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are notorious for their durability and eye-catching looks. However, they too offer many designs. So, to make things easier, we came up with a list of 6 timeless Quartz Countertop Ideas that are worth noting. Additionally, if you are curious about the prices for these Quartz countertop ideas in Orlando, you can score a free estimate

Pure White Quartz Countertops

White has always been a color that symbolized purity. So, a pure white quartz countertop would give a clean look to your kitchen, along with a somewhat heavenly vibe. It’s also perfect for a minimalistic-looking theme. However, make sure that the background colors of the room match or complement white because a white countertop in a room designed after darker shades will stick out like a sore thumb. Has a brilliant guide on picking the right countertop colors.

Jet Black Quartz Countertops

This is another color you might want to consider depending on the colors of your kitchen. It would fit right in with a dark background. Along with a glossy finish and a few strategically placed lights, a black quartz countertop can give an exotic look to your kitchen that other colors can not.

Patterns and Veining

Solid plain colors might not be your cup of tea. If so, don’t worry. Quartz countertops come in plenty of colors mixed with various patterns. Each of these patterns and colors offers unique and elegant looks. A quick peek at the styles offered by a reputable company that specializes in quartz countertops like  will give you an idea about the different colors and patterns available. strategically placed lights, a black quartz countertop can give an exotic look to your kitchen that other colors can not.

The Glossy look

A well-polished quartz countertop with suitable lighting can do wonders for your kitchen. Although a glossy look complements every color, it goes very well with darker shades. Black, grey, and dark blue are a few that would do very well with a glossy finish. However, this is totally up to preference, and a matte finish would work just as well.

Curved edges

If your kitchen’s decor is based on circles and curves, a square-edged countertop might look out of place. So, you can opt for a quartz countertop with rounded edges, which will most likely be a better fit. Although this list has only 5 quartz countertop ideas, there are plenty more available in the market. Therefore, consulting a specialized company like  before investing in one will help you pick the right one for your room.

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