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5 New Countertops in Orlando

Countertops in Orlando

5 New Countertops in Orlando

Are you looking for something new and existing, and inspiring? Are you tired of seeing the same old countertops in your kitchen and bathroom? We have 5 new countertops in Orlando with the latest designs and styles.

Here is a guide to some of the hottest countertop trends of 2023 that can help you create the perfect look for your kitchen.

1. Sage or Greenish Gray Stone Countertops

Sage and greenish-gray stone countertops are among the most popular countertop trends in 2023. They bring an earthy feel into the kitchen without being too bold. These shades provide just enough contrast against the room’s white cabinets and other neutral tones. Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional, sage or greenish-gray stone countertops will add an elegant touch to any design style. When shopping for these at Countertops in Orlando, be sure to ask about the quality of materials used and what kind of maintenance they require over time. 

Greenish Gray Stone Countertops

2. Violet or Gray Kitchen Countertop

Violet and gray kitchen countertops are gaining popularity this year as homeowners look for unique ways to incorporate color into their kitchens without going overboard with bold hues. These gentle shades of purple, blue, and gray create a warm yet sophisticated atmosphere that will instantly upgrade any space. The best part is that these colors pair beautifully with dark wood cabinets and lighter wood tones like oak or maple. If you want to make them even more eye-catching, consider adding a light gold backsplash along the edges of your counters for an added touch of glamour.

Violet or Gray Countertop

3. Making Countertop Warm And Glow

After selecting your favorite shade from violet to gray Orlando countertops in Orlando, one way to make them even more inviting is by installing lights beneath countertops that can be adjusted based on mood or activity level in the room. This gives off a warm ambient glow that can greatly enhance meal preparation times and social gatherings! If you’re looking for an extra special touch, consider adding LED strips underneath each side of the counters so they appear illuminated from all angles when viewed from different perspectives within the room – making them truly shine!

Countertop Warm And Glow

4. Light Gold Kitchen Countertops

Light gold kitchen countertops are another great way to bring warmth into your space while maintaining a classic look that won’t go out of style soon! These shimmering hues also pair nicely with white cabinetry and darker wood tones – making them highly versatile in design themes. Try incorporating light gold accents throughout other areas of your home, such as wall tiles, door frames, or even backsplashes – this will create cohesion between all areas while still keeping things classic yet modern design. 

Light Gold Kitchen Countertops

5. White Or Off-White Stone Kitchen Countertops in Orlando

Last but certainly not least is white or off-white stone kitchen countertops, which remain ultra popular due to their ability to brighten up any space while still giving off an elegant vibe. They also pair perfectly with darker-colored cabinetry such as cherrywood – allowing homeowners who don’t want overly dramatic contrasts within their kitchens to achieve the balance between materials used throughout various areas within their homes! Stone Spirit of Orlando offers many options for whites ranging from natural stones such as marble or quartzite, allowing customers ultimate flexibility when deciding on their preferred material type!

Off-White Stone Kitchen Countertops

What Is the Most Long-Lasting Countertop Material?

Quartz countertops are among the most long-lasting options. Because the quartz stone is crushed and mixed with resin, it is nearly indestructible. It is scratch, chip, and crack resistant, and it does not require resealing; however, it is not as heat resistant as other materials, and seams may be visible.

There are many options available: quartz countertops, granite, porcelain, etc. But there are a few that seem to be gaining popularity. Quartz countertops and quartzite continue to be the most popular countertop choices among homeowners today,” says Hearth and Honey Homes founder and lead designer Margie Kaercher. Granite will also stay a popular option, as there are many new granite colors coming out on the market.

How Do I Select Countertops in Orlando?

“Because kitchens are one of, if not the most, used areas in the house, it’s crucial to not only choose a material that corresponds with your design choices but also makes sense for your sort of kitchen use,” Kaercher recommends. She continues by saying that while assessing your alternatives, durability and upkeep should come first. View more kitchen remodel ideas. Chose or choose

Whether you choose sage or greenish-gray stones, violet or gray counters, light gold accents, or whites or off whites -keeping up with current trends in 2023 can help ensure your new kitchen renovation looks chic yet timeless! Here are the main manufacturers of countertops:

Understanding quartz

Quartz countertop is a man-made stone that is made up of 80% to 93% natural material combined with pigments and resins, making it a very robust and low-maintenance option. The colors that are added to quartz give homeowners a wide range of options, giving it a more versatile alternative for harmonizing the other elements of your kitchen design, as well. If you are looking for quartz countertops in Orlando, send your request or call our office. Stone Spirit offers the fabrication and installation of all materials


With so many options available for Orlando countertops, it’s easy to find what fits perfectly into each individual’s aesthetics – allowing routine meal preparations and joyous family gatherings to take place around beautiful surfaces crafted specifically for each unique environment. Ready to get new countertops in Orlando?

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