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Different Types of Kitchen Remodel Ideas Used For Kitchen Countertops – Kitchen Remodel Ideas The kitchen countertop is a vital part of a kitchen. It serves as the entertainment area and working area for cutting, blending and garnishing foods before and after cooking. This horizontal surface is heavily stained and damaged after a few years. Thus, the replacement of countertop is a prime job while remodeling an old kitchen. Various types of countertops are adopted as a kitchen remodel ideas by interior designers and house owners. Few examples of countertops preferred while renovating a kitchen

Black or gray shale stone

A countertop made of black or dark gray shale stone is an affordable version of dark shaded granite. It is a natural stone that can be used to create thin layers of a matte finish. The patterns of black accents with high-resolution laminate render a stylish look to this countertop.

Blue or pink quartz

The countertop made of best quality quartz improves the look of a kitchen. This natural stone is available in blush pink and aqua blue shades, which may be also used for making the kitchen cabinets. It is a highly durable material that lasts even longer than marble. The reflective property of this stone makes the kitchen looks more spacious, as light reflects from this countertop surface.

Natural marble stone

High-quality marble is used for making stylish and sophisticated kitchen countertops that are provided with a stain-resistant finish. Both natural marble and fabricated marble are used for creating highly durable countertops, where sealants of the latest technology are applied. Apart from the natural white color, marble is now available in different shades of gray, brown, and green.

Solid glass top

People may be somewhat skeptical about the durability of glass countertops. However, a solid glass countertop is noted for its high durability and classy look. The shining glass tops are available in many shades and it is an eco-friendly option while searching for kitchen remodel ideas. However, these countertops are quite costly and may be difficult to fit into the budget of many common homeowners.

Butcher block

It is made of wood pieces that match with wooden floors and timber cabinets. This material is much cheaper than natural stones and also eco-friendly. Different kinds of wood, like teak, maple, oak, walnut, and cherry are used for constructing butcher block countertops. However, it is mostly used for making kitchen islands while remodeling a kitchen.

Concrete slabs

Since concrete is a durable and affordable building material, it is widely used for making countertops. Homeowners may prefer polished like a laminated surface or unpolished like a quartz surface. Any crack on the concrete surface can be repaired very easily. View more kitchen design ideas. There are more kitchen-remodel ideas regarding the installation of kitchen countertops to enhance the beauty of a kitchen.

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