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Quartz Countertops Color Ideas

4 Top Quartz Countertops Color Ideas

Whether you’re designing the kitchen of your brand-new house or you’re redecorating an old one, you pay extra attention to one thing that sits in its center- the Quartz Countertops Color. What better way to make sure you own the most elegant, sophisticated, and modern-looking kitchen than having Quartz countertops installed in them. A study By Geologist Trevor Nace shows that quartz countertops are superior to granite countertops as they are more durable and non-porous, making Quartz countertops less susceptible to germs and bacteria.

Quartz countertops are also easier to maintain and clean. Perhaps these are why the leading kitchen countertop material used in the United States is Quartz. Today we are here to help you take it one step further. We will walk you through some of the best, trendy, most appealing, and popular color schemes to go along with your quartz countertops.

Quartz Countertop Color Ideas

We have compiled a list of the best-looking, eye-catching, sophisticated, elegant, modern, and luxury colors for your countertops.

1.  Black

Timeless color that never ran out of fashion and even by today’s standards is by far the favorite choice of most people. Black quartz countertops bring with them dark and warm

people. Black quartz countertops bring dark and warm undertones that attract your gaze and soothe the mood. You do not have to worry whether it would go well with your cabinets because glossy black color makes perfect contrasts with most of the colors and complements the rest.

The boldness of the color black, its elegance, and its luxurious shiny look will enhance the look of your kitchen multiple folds. Our Stellar Night, Iconic Black and Et Marquina are our most sought out Quartz countertop color ideas. Click here to check them out.

2.  White

White beams positivity, richness, and class. If you were to visit the most luxurious houses globally, you would find white the most dominant color in the décor. The light, purity, spirituality, and brilliance of the white quartz countertops will give your kitchen a royal, classic, and soft look. The only trouble is having to take extra care of your countertops as the

white tends to get dirty quickly. If you can manage that, then the spacious and bright feel of the shinny white quartz countertops will enrich your soul every time you enter your kitchen.

3.  Grey

A neutral and dull color is probably not the first choice that comes to your mind for your quartz countertops. However, the wide range of greys that are out there will not only balance out the contrasts in the rest of your kitchen’s décor but will also modernize it and give your kitchen a futuristic look.

With its diplomatic qualities, Grey will ensure that your kitchen will feel welcoming and safe. When added to the greys, blue tones will give your kitchen cool, misty, and tropical vibes that may be missing. Grey Expo, Cemento, and Lena are our top picks from our elegant collection of quartz countertop colors.

4.  Brown

From time to time, everybody feels the urge to turn to their roots and origins. Perhaps that is why the dull and crude nature of the color brown could never stop us from appreciating its warm, earthly, primitive, raw, and wholesome core underneath. Browns in the wide range of quartz countertops colors are a universe in their own. Combined with green, it creates a palette so cultivated and refined that it just makes sense to make it part of your kitchen. And what better way to do so other than to have your quartz countertops of that finish. On the other end, browns combined with reds create a palette so vibrant that your kitchen will radiate energy and will always bring you a sense of willpower, joy, and passion.

We hope that our summary of the most popular and in-demand Quartz countertop colors helped you decorate your kitchen and choose the most fashionable, neat, and distinguishing colors. Explore the range of colors at your will by visiting our Quartz countertop colors page or get in touch with us for an exquisite solution.

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