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Countertops - Granite or Quartz?

Countertops – Granite or Quartz?

Selecting a countertop material for a kitchen or bathroom is not an easy decision. For this reason, this guide will help the reader differentiate between granite and quartz countertops. So, the question is, what are the major differences between the two?

Therefore, we have gathered some granite and quartz facts to help the reader choose its preference.

Countertops – Granite or Quartz?

What is Granite?

Granite is a 100% natural hard stone. It is polished to a fine finish after being mined from quarries from the respective regions around the world. After enduring through the whole process, the granite is cut down to a manageable size.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is not 100% natural and is slightly different from granite. However, Quartz is 95% ground natural and manufactured with 5% polymer resins.

Basic Factors of Differentiation

1.      Appearance


Due to the formation of granite with solidifying and cooling molten materials, it has various patterns and colors available. Whether you prefer a standout slab with distinctive mineral inclusions or a subtle compliment, you can choose any design from the limitless selection available.


Appearance is one of the main sources of quartz popularity. It allows homeowners to customize the design with its stone look. However, you may have to carefully search for the right piece that matches the color scheme even with numerous options.

2.      Cost


According to research conducted, the average price of purchasing and installing granite costs between $2000 and $4500. However, purchasing the material from a wholesaler can be cost-effective, regardless of how the actual fabrication and installation should be left to a professional.


Another study proved that installing a quartz countertop can cost between $3000 to $7500, depending on edging style and quality. Since the engineered quartz weighs more than other stone surfaces, a professional should be consulted for the installation process.

3.       Durability


Granite is considered durable with its heat-resistant quality, making it ideal for kitchen countertops. However, the porous nature may make it difficult to remove the stains if a liquid is spilled on it.


Quartz, however, is considered more durable than granite and is harder as well. It is not porous like granite which makes it bacteria-free and easy to maintain. However, quartz is sensitive to excessive heat, so it is suggested to use a heating pad before placing the hot pan.

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In conclusion, both granite and quartz are considered premium materials for the countertop. So if you’re looking for a professional to install any one of them, contact Stone Spirit for fabrication and installation. The company provides premium quality service to provide you with good results.

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