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2023 Granite Countertops in Orlando

Granite countertops have been trending since the 90s and will remain trendy for the coming years. Granite countertops are the best choice if you are also renovating and building a new house. It is a natural stone that outshines all other countertop materials due to its durability and other aspects. 

The granite countertops are hard, natural, and solid, giving a perfect look to your kitchen. Now when it comes to the selection of granite countertops, it comes with various trending colors and designs. 

Every year comes with new trends regarding colors and styles of granite countertops. Many of us need clarification that granite countertops are outdated. But 2023 will bring new granite countertops with various colors and kitchen trends. 

Here we will share some exciting granite countertop colors that will be trendy in Orlando. 

Granite countertops trendy colors in 2023

You may already know about some standard granite colors like white, blue, gold, and black. These are the trendy evergreen colors of granite countertops, as these are neutral and versatile. 

It is a timeless attraction to your kitchen interior design with an ideal granite texture and color pallet. However, 2023 is bringing some new and trending colors of granite countertops that you can choose according to your kitchen interior requirements. Learn about trendy colors. 

Andromeda White Granite

Andromeda White Granite

Andromeda’s white granite countertop is trending in 2023 due to its ultra-modern look. White will remain in style, as there is something clean and stylish about white that captures the attention of a lot of people. It gives a subtle variation from the pure white granite countertops. It has some combination of beige and white granite stones and has grave venus and small streaks of black grains. So by installing the andromeda granite countertops, you can get your kitchen’s traditional and modern looks. 

Colonial White Granite

Colonial white granite is also trending as it comes under the white color pallet of granite stones. It has rose-colored flakes and brown shades with smokey grey patches. You have the hues of marking colors that give a subtle appearance with even patterning. You can install colonial white granite countertops to get a dark and light kitchen interior. Moreover, with light spaces, you can get a warm and welcoming attraction in the kitchen. 

Nordic Black Granite

Nordic black granite countertop gives a homogenous color to your kitchen. It has some mineral structure that refracts the light and has mega crystals. Moreover, it contains metallic color grains and white veins that you can not neglect. It is a strong and durable color of granite countertops with fewer variations. You can pair it with gold and copper accents for the kitchen interior. It is also modern and fashionable and contains black hues and will become trending in 2023. 

Desert Dream Granite

desert dream granite

The desert dream color is perfect if you are looking for something expensive in granite stones. The desert dream belongs to the premium list of stones. It has an interesting combination of black, cream, burnt orange, grey, and gold patterns. So it will be one of the most trending granite stones in 2023. It brings an intense and dramatic look to your kitchen and enhances the overall environment. 

Amadeus Granite

Amadeus Granite

The Amadeus granite has more domination in 2023 than black and grey countertops. It is a medium-grained stone and ideal for darker kitchens. You can bring a dramatic flow of colors to your kitchen by choosing the Amadeus granite countertops in 2023. It will add the static surface with the splendor of paints and other comprehensive creative options. 

Blue Pearl Granite

Blue Pearl Granite

The blue pearl granite countertops contain many egg blue blotches and dark grey backgrounds. It is a coarse-grained granite countertop that reflects the light and gives a magical effect in your kitchen. Blue granite countertops always give eye-catching alternative kitchen countertops. However, the blue pearl granite countertops give your kitchen a distinctive and rare look in 2023. 

Almond Gold Granite

Almond Gold Granite

The almond gold granite countertops are amber hues that combine rick brown and Humber shades. You can also notice some tones of green with a golden glow. Moreover, it comes with veins and waves that give a warm interior and a traditional look. We all know that gold is bold and gives a soft metallic look to your kitchen space. 

African Ivory Granite

African Ivory Granite

African ivory granite countertops will be new and trendy in 2023. You can pair it with colors ranging from light to dark pallets. However, the African ivory granite countertops provide an earthy tone and soft look. It belongs to the natural coloring pallet that is more durable. 

Chocolate Bordeaux Granite

Chocolate Bordeaux Granite

Chocolate Bordeaux granite is different and gives a variable look in every kitchen. It belongs to the rich palette of wine colors and waves and striking patterns’ linear motions. Ensure that you make the right combinations with chocolate Bordeaux granite countertops for an appealing look in 2023. 

New granite countertop trends in 2023

When you are looking for new trends to update your kitchen, ensure to do your work. Some exciting trends with granite countertops give an appealing look to your kitchen. 

● 2023 granite countertops have more natural shades and tones. Ensure that you choose natural colors to get a modern look. 

● The kitchen is a new trend in Orlando during 2023. It will help you to store your large appliances and groceries near your kitchen and keep it clean. 

● The thicker surfaces and countertops with granite material give the new trending looks to your kitchen. It may seem rear to you, but it gives the edges and more space in the kitchen. 

● Ensure to feature the fill height slab along with a complimentary backsplash. It will give a timeless design to your kitchen. 

● Polished granite countertops are always appealing and will become a trend in Orlando in 2023. The matt-finished granite countertops resist stains and flaws along with attractive looks. 

Stone Spirit is one of the leading companies in Orlando that give the best granite countertops according to the latest trends of 2023. Stone Spirit is always on the lookout for the latest styles and designs. Stone Spirit has a professional staff with over 20 years of experience.  

Contact us if you are also looking to install the new granite countertops. We will help you to choose the trending granite countertops according to your kitchen requirements. 

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