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15 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Like Heaven

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15 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Like Heaven

Kitchen has changed its layout within the recent years and gained much more functionality.

Kitchen is an open area connected to living room space where family and friends enjoy gathering either for a quick snack or a nice elaborate dinner.

This is the space that needs to be not only functional for cooking, but at the same time, attractive, organized, well-equipped with enough space for storage, cooking, and entertaining.

Here are 15 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Like Heaven

  1. Analyze space for efficiency – there should be enough space for storage and cooking.
  2. If there is a lot of cooking and baking involved, create a section of countertop with stone slab for baking
  3. Replace the standard kitchen faucet with a high gooseneck version to help filling deep pots easier
  4. Install fitted compartments in kitchen drawers for spices, cutlery and cleaning supplies.
  5. Update cabinets with sliding shelves for easy access.
  6. Hang a pot rack over an island
  7. Install storage grids along on wall to hold pot lids and other items and kitchen equipment
  8. Keep frequently used appliances and equipment with easy access and the rest should be stored away
  9. Arrange frequently used dishes and equipment attractively on open stainless steel shelving
  10. Upgrade kitchen countertops with granite, quartz or other material of preference to add nice and upgraded design look
  11. Use variations for countertop surfaces to meet your needs: ceramic tile add texture to an island, stainless steel is perfect for food-prep areas. Granite is excellent for putting hot pots near the stove, as it won’t leave any marks. Butcher block is a perfect material for a cutting board area.
  12. Decorate the kitchen to reflect the personality and style
  13. Place a microwave oven under the counter so it can be accessed easily
  14. Protect walls from spots and stains with durable enamel paint that can take frequent washes
  15. Organize work areas, such as baking area, prep station, or beverage corner for maximum efficiency.
Author: Natalia Illarionova |  Date Updated: Friday, 2 September 2016  10:00 am

15 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Like Heaven